Cousin Kate and the Seduction

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In the following piece of coursework, I will compare and pick out the similarities and differences between the two poems.

But first I am going to write a short repot of the two poems, to make my comparison easier to understand for the reader. Cousin Kate She was an innocent pretty young girl, that lived in a cottage with her friends, she was confused why a rich man loved her and fell for her, she was confused why he complimented her, because he was such a success and she was just a poor girl.He took her into his home, she loved him so much she had sex with him, but he only used her as his plaything and once he had used her I don’t think he wanted her any longer. So she obviously didn’t mean as much to him as he made out. Then as soon as he seen her Cousin Kate he moved on to her, she was more beautiful, so he chose her, then the girl was then an outcast.

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It seems because she wouldn’t sleep with him, he married her, and then everybody thought of Cousin Kate as a good, pure girl, and looked at the girl almost as a disappointment.Now Cousin Kate has everything she could ask for, while the girl had nothing but a baby that was undesired. I she explains how she actually did love the man, but I think she’s is stating that her Cousin Kate doesn’t love him and that she was just marrying him for his money. I think she thinks that her son, is better than anything that he had ever given Cousin Kate, even better than her wedding ring and all her clothes, and now he has a son, his son, so now she got something to keep a hold on him, to keep him close. The SeductionI personally think that the first two lines of ‘The Seduction’ poem, instantly makes the reader think that the male mentioned is a user and is taking advantage of the female as it seems she had been drinking at the party they previously left, as it explains “He led her” I think this implies that she had to be taken, as if she couldn’t get there by her own accord or that he had planned taking her here before hand. It seemed that wherever he took her was far away from wherever they were previously, and now no one could see them, they were out if view, completely “far from the blind windows if the tower blocks. Which to me sounded very dangerous especially as the boy led the girl somewhere out of view, this made me anxious for the girl.

I think as soon as the reader reads “leather jacket” they will think that the boy is a stud and considering he had just taken a girl out of sight. The poem also reads, “He spat into the river” this makes me feel as though he is overly confident and smug. Where the poem says “fumbled in a bag” this shows he is making an awkward attempt to get something from the bag, almost as if he didn’t want the girl to notice. He handed her the vodka” I thought this sounded as if he was purposely getting her drunk so he could take advantage. He didn’t think much of her at all , he had no respect as “he muttered ‘little slag’”. They obviously didn’t know each other very well at all, as they only met at the part they had just left.

The poem says how “he’d danced with her all night” but then explains how he only spoke about football and his interests but nothing about her, so he obviously wasn’t interested in her and her interests.The poem then reads “she had nodded quite enchanted, and her eyes were wide and bright. ” This makes me imagine her looking at him as if she was under his spell, and as if she didn’t care what he was talking about, as long as he was talking to her. It also explains how he was talking about the next “Mc-Guigan fight” this made me think of him as a ‘tough guy. ` He kept buying her more drinks so she would be under the influence of alcohol, so he could have his way with her. “eyes as blue as iodine” this suggests he has bright blue eyes, the kind that would catch your eye from iles away this is probably one of the things that attracted her to him. “With fingers that stroked her neck and thighs” he is obviously making her feel wanted and goos about herself, “And the kisses that tasted of nicotine” When I read that part of the line in the poem it made me think back to the part of the poem where it explains he is wearing a leather jacket and spat into the river, and the part when he talks about the next ‘Mc-Guigan` fight, all these points about him defiantly add up and make me imagine him as a ‘stud. `The next verse makes me think of him as an Ill-behaved boy, and as the poem says “with me dad’s magazines” it makes me think of him as a common, typical boy.

“A bag filled with shimmering, sweet paint thinner. ” When I read this I thought that the paint thinner wasn’t for thinning paint or cleaning paint brushes, it was for his own purposes, to be used as a drug to get high. The girl seemed to me, very vulnerable because it says “All wide blue eyes,” She has obviously had to much to drink as she couldn’t even keep her head still, “her head rolling forward. It didn’t seem they were in such a lovely place as the poem describes the water around them was polluted and for from being clean. In the next verse she seemed to me as a smart girl, who does well at school, but she spoke about school with a lacking of logical narrative flow, while she sat apon a river that seems to be poisoned. I imagined they were in a disgusting environment. He obviously planned on kissing her because why else would he of used Listerine?It explains now how she was 3 months pregnant, She obviously wasn’t expecting this to be the outcome of the night she had spent drinking with that boy, and was angry as “she broke the heels of her white shoes (as she flung them at the wall)” It seems he had promised her nothing like this would happen because it explains how she was “cheated, by the promise of it all. ” Now she has turned sixteen it seems she hasn’t had the normal life of a 16 year old, because she has a responsibility and cannot do the normal things of a 16 year old.

Obviously now, she was missing out on all the things her friends were doing, all friends her own age, because she was now expecting a baby. Being pregnant has ruined her life and she is dreaming and wondering what her life would be like if the accident of her getting pregnant haven’t of happened. She seems depressed and explains how she would of much sooner destroyed her life by anything but getting pregnant. She’s so ashamed she thinks she would rather be dead than to be looked at in such a horrible way, as if she is a disgusting person.Comparison These two poems have been written at different times, I noticed this by the language used, and the narrative structure also by the way both men seduce the women, But even so they still have the same story line. When I read the name of the poem ‘The Seduction` I did get an idea of what the story would be about, as the word ‘Seduction` means ‘Seduce,` but when I read the name of the poem ‘Cousin Kate` I didn’t have any idea what it could have been about, it could have been about anything.

The story of the two poems are very similar though.


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