Crime of the Youth: Big Deal!

Celebrities like Ashley Simpson, Jojo, Aaron Carter, Daniel Radcliffe and Lindsay Lohan belong to a people that we call youth. They are sometimes part of the headlines whether they are launching new albums or starring in a new movie. They stand as models for other youth that seems to be changing every year. Not only has the fashion trends of these people are being admired and looked on to but also their actions regarding their own lives matter to the people around them. An example of this is Lindsay Lohan whom is a hot and gorgeous singer that has been imprisoned for violating some national rules of their country (Lindsay Lohan). For some the older generations, they may treat her action as an aggressive and arrogant act, which might be very opposite to the outlook of the youth: Lindsay Lohan is really appealing and daring!There are questions that are being imposed by some analysts of culture.

Is the media shaping the violence that is acquired by youth? Do the shows in the television matter with the way our youth is acting out on many circumstances? Is media making the youth forget their cultural values that should still be integrated in the future generations? Well, some people just do not seem to care about these issues, but an in depth study can figure out some factors that trigger youth’s risk behavior.Understanding Adolescence and YouthTeenagers or adolescents are at a stage that they are about to discover their real selves and are being prepared to the real world, their career lives. The changes in their physical attributes contribute to their feeling of getting into the adult world.

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For instance, girls notice their breasts are becoming bigger from months or years after they stepped 9 – 10 year old. There is also a noticeable increase in the size of their hips, making it difficult for their old jeans to be worn. For the boys, they feel the urge of eating more due to the strenuous activities they do as they grow older. Biceps and triceps are now the focus of their concerns, so as to add to their masculinity in the future (Home Office). Generally, adolescents feel more conscious about their physical selves and become less cautious of what they do as part of their discoveries of self. They try doing stuffs that are far more different with their hide and seek or their Barbie bonding with other girl friends. They are undergoing a stage when they find security and affection from their peers making them fight for their independence to their parents by breaking house rules and defending themselves the best way they can to their oppressors known as their parents.Adolescent people comprise the bulk of most of our societies where birth control is not implemented.

Japan of course is an exemption for this where the huge part of their population contributes to the work force and not to the part that depend their survival with the earnings of their parents. They contribute to the number of youth which is expected to have high contributions in the work and labor force of the country in the future.Facing the ChangesFor instance in the adolescent stage, youth really look for something that neither their friends nor their parents can answer. That is the part when adolescents search for their identities and how to make a big difference in this world. Vices are common in this age such as drinking alcohol and smoking, and worst when an adolescent engages in activities that would violate moral laws. Furthermore, adolescents try to establish their own fashion sense through searching in the “hippest” magazines so as to be identified from the others. Though they may belong to a certain group, they still have their own personalities that distinguish them from the others.

Adolescents look for affection and love from others. It is at this stage that they are in search of belongingness from their peers. But as it is mentioned by Brutts in his article, it is very important that concerned people like their parents, guardians and teachers should guide the youth.

Violence on YouthIt has been a cliché that the youth today are the problem of the world due to the violence they produce in the society. Many researchers are dwelling on the study on how the youth is acquiring the brutality and cruelty they are showing the media (Institute for Youth Development). For one point in the history, there are studies that pointed out that the media is the main reason of this abrupt change in the culture and norms of the youth.Even though the youth of the world came from various places and origins, the same problems arise from continents to continent. According to reports, there is already a huge increase in the percentage of crimes that were made by the youth. Gang rapes, murders, drug abuse, robbery and other crimes that gravely involve the youth, specifically the male participation, are part of the headlines of news reports in paper and in broadcast aside from the government issues that each country has. Women or girls also participate in the aggressiveness of the youth through prostitution in places where this business is not legalized. Furthermore, the cruelty of the youth today is spread widely like an epidemic disease that if not halted may cause distraction not only of self but also of the family and nation.

Imagine a community full of young people that are engaged in alcohol and drug abuse. Isn’t that a very dreadful and tragic situation? Indeed, it is. Being given of importance, the youth in other places are funded by the government for their growth. The government has its own plans of honing the skills of its youth to its fullest so that they may become highly competitive with others.

If the youth by which these funds are allocated has lives that are not for the professionalism the government is expecting, it would just weaken the forces of labor of the government, thus dismay the leaders and give them punishments that would prohibit their ever wanted freedom and independence.Cultural Effects and the FutureThe changes and the development of technology accompanied this aggression of the youth. Media covers up a large factor of this fate given that it has shown the youth of examples of actions that should not be done or should not be morally or culturally accepted by a certain culture or religion. In every part of the earth, there are many developments of the portrayal of the roles of anomalous people such as corrupt government officials, cruel teachers and aggressive mistresses. The youth now sees that doing the wrong things can be just right especially when it is not known by the authority; say their parents or the police. When they do something that is not caught often times, it becomes their habit that comes with their routine making them forget the great values our ancestors had inculcated from generation to generation.However, before we get to the point of concluding the harmful effects of their actions, let us try to search for their reasons of doing so.

Psychologists and psychiatrists like Kathie Oginsky and Jeffrey Brutts are trained to analyze human behavior so as to relate them with past, present and even with the future personality of their patients. According from the reports, youth gather their violent thoughts through their interaction with people who might have given them the fear, anger and hatred they are showing to others. Media says that even if a toddler can express this kind of violence with bullying other classmates and seeing no regrets after the action. These behaviors must be treated by the experts to avoid much damage; both for the physical and emotional being of the victim (person being bullied) (Kathie Oginsky, 2001).Another thing is that, youth who are oppressed in their homes with very strict but not violent parents tend to experiment and feel joy upon escaping the claws of the predating mommies and daddies. With this, they try stuffs that they think can make them feel a little better, thus a gram of cocaine will do. This is a very simple example of how youth tries to escape with their frustrations in the family.

In the TV series entitled Desperate Housewives, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Van de Kamp turned out to be a cruel son going on disco bars with nude girls dancing, and tried using drugs, but eventually fell into his feet admitting that he is a gay. Such examples are very depressing to parents who tried everything to give their children their best efforts for education and other pleasures of being the one who is served by the parents (Desperate Housewives, 2008).An important thing that we must also consider is how we give our punishments to our children. We all no that no one in this world is born perfect, and that is to say we commit mistakes in our daily lives and with our decisions, we might be very careless that can cause some consequences on it.

Our youth also do the same. Since they are preparing to become adults, they try to make decisions on their own sometimes with the habit of just “crossing the river” when the action is already done. If parents punish their children for example in a very violent way, close to killing them, then they may be also cruel in treating other people. They may punish their subordinates or the people they interact with the same way their parents punish them.

In what can be seen, say morally, kids do not consider the things that were being considered 10 years ago. With that very short span of time, the transition of the values of the youth is very explicit. Having a number of condom commercials can be a good proof that media now do not offer so much limitation in what they show to people. This is giving rise to the problem of many, which is youth violence, which are often taken for granted.

An article about juvenile delinquency (2003) states that factors for this issue can also be connected with the youth committing violence and crime. The factor that the article mentioned were: economic and social factors that are connected with present politics, crises and the like; cultural factors, urbanization that results to modernization of ideals, family that brings about rejection or inferiority complex that usually results to rebellion; migration; media that offers new ways of living life; exclusion, peer influence and delinquent identities. The article also mentioned some practices to prevent such issues like imposing to parents that they must not be treating their children violently because it can trigger violent behavior in the future lives of the young. Income generation is also a way to divert the attention of the youth. Instead of engaging to activities that involve vices and not so good stuffs, youth will be oriented of how hard it is to obtain money in sustaining every day’s expenses.

Moreover, if a youth is still under age, they might be given chances to be in sports fest and recreational activities that will enhance their good personalities rather than the aggressive and violent part. A good planning of youth activities may indeed help in the success of each goal: preventing youth crime and violence.In order to stop this dispersion of decayed thinking of youth, the government must impose a bill that can control the explicitly inviting pictures to the youth giving them the access to any place in town.

Media plays a role in molding the culture of the young people and it is just right that they put discourse to youth crime/youth problems in great attention. In that way of focusing on youth, they can correct the mistakes of the careless past advertisements and at least encourage the youth to participate and contribute to the welfare of the nation (US Scouting Service Project, 2007).Parents must have their close relationships with their sons and daughters.

I feel on my part that if the youth is nurtured with adequate love and freedom, they will not seek for something more of their limits. Instead, they will grow as better persons who will have their goals of succeeding more in their loves, whether it concerns their academe, career or family life.ReferencesDesperate Housewives. Bios. Retrieved 14 May 2008 from            http://abc.go.

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