Csr Activites of Maruti Suzuki

Activities of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. To achieve long-term sustainability and prosperity the company has nurtured a socially responsible behaviour towards its various stakeholders. It has proactively taken care of the needs and sustainable growth of its stakeholders and they in turn, have supported the company in achieving its vision and business results, year after year. As a result, sustainability has become an integral part of the company’s approach to business and decision making.

CSR Policy “While working to enhance shareholder wealth, Maruti Suzuki will regularly engage with all stakeholders to assess their needs and through its products, services, conduct and management initiatives, promote their sustained growth and well – being” Policy Guidelines ? Company will follow responsible business practices in all its functions and operations and will strive to implement them at its suppliers, dealers and other business partners. Company will continue to remain ahead of law in pursuit of environment protection and energy conservation at its manufacturing facilities, and in development of products that use fewer natural resources and are environment friendly. ? Company will be deeply committed towards the welfare of its employees, their families and communities around its operations to improve quality of life as a whole. ? Company will develop products and services that fulfil the aspirations of customers, build a strong and lasting bond with them, proactively support them during natural calamities, delight them with after sales services and availability of spares.Company will continue to provide technological and managerial support to its suppliers and dealers to further their profitable and sustainable growth.

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? As an expression of thanks to the local community and the people of the country Company will undertake initiatives that might not be directly linked to its business. ? Company will partner with government, NGOs, business partners to contribute positively towards economic and human development of the society especially underprivileged people. ? Company will encourage and recognize its employees for volunteering in the community in the spirit of serving and sharing their expertise and skills.

Company will strive to constantly build organizational capabilities, like any other competency, position suitable people and have a proper organizational structure to ensure implementation of CSR policy, guidelines and programs. ? Company will engage with reputed external agencies for audit of its CSR activities for the purpose of identifying areas of improvement, authenticity of data and reporting. ? Company will monitor the progress on various CSR programs in a structured manner, document the performance against the set targets and publish a report every year on its CSR performance and share with its key stakeholders.Practicing 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) The Company has been promoting 3R since its inception. As a result the Company has not only been able to recycle 100% of treated waste water but also reduced fresh water consumption by 28%. The Company has implemented rain water harvesting to recharge the aquifers. Also, recyclable packing for bought out components is being actively promoted.

Greening of Supply Chain The company has been facilitating implementation of Environment Management System (EMS) at its suppliers’ end. Regular training programs are conducted for all the suppliers on EMS.Surveys are conducted to assess the vendors who need more guidance. The systems and the environmental performance of suppliers are audited.

Adopting energy saving technologies While the company continues to improve energy saving initiatives through numerous Kaizens (continuous improvements) on the shop floor, thrust on adopting energy saving technologies has increased phenomenally. Three-coat-one-bake painting system: The company introduced the three-coat one-bake system at its Manesar facilities. In this state of the art painting system, three wet-on-wet coats are applied and baked together.Conventional painting systems use two baking steps before the final finish. This helps is lower energy consumption and yet improving the productivity levels. Road Safety The company has been playing a leading role for many years now in promoting road safety and safe driving in the country.

The company believes that in addition to fund support, one of the best ways for corporates to fulfil their social responsibility is by offering their managerial skills to society. In line with this, the company manages four Institutes of Driving Training & Research (IDTR) in Delhi and Maruti Driving Schools across country.Through these facilities, the company has brought international standards in driving training and state of the art training infrastructure in the country. The first major step towards promoting road safety was in the year 2000 when Delhi Government invited the company to manage the Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTR) and start driving training courses. The company introduced training facilities and infrastructure including world-class driving test tracks, advanced computer simulators and training modules as per international standards at the institute, which is spread over an area of 14. acres. Intends to train 500,000 people in safe driving in the next 3 years across India, at least 100,000 will be people from underprivileged section of society, who are keen to take driving as a profession.

Extension GUJARATH In a landmark move the company signed an MoU with the Government of Gujarat, to set up, manage and run The Gujarat Regional Automobile Training Institute (to be referred as GUJRATI) at Gajadara village of Waghodia taluka in Vadodara district. It is the first of its kind initiative in the country.The institute will not only provide driving training to tribal youth, it will also offer automobile technical training to them and help their employability. Several other state governments, such as Haryana, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and West Bengal have also approached the company to set up driving training institutes in their states.

The company has already signed an MoU with the Government of Haryana for setting up two driving training institutes at Rohtak and Bahadurgarh. Maruti Driving Schools The company has also involved its dealers across the country in promoting road safety and safe driving.In collaboration with them, the company has set up 43 Maruti Driving Schools in 38 different locations across the country. These schools are equipped with world class, state of the art driving simulators offer training courses for beginners as well as refresher programs. Over 41,500 people have trained so far. Community Initiatives The Company works closely with local communities around its manufacturing facilities to improve their quality of life. The Company has adopted four villages surrounding its Manesar plant – Kasan, Dhana, Alihar and Baas Kusla and launched sustainable livelihood programmes for underprivileged communities.The initiatives are focused on four key areas: Health, Education, Employment Generation through Vocational Trainings & Basic Infrastructure Development.

Welfare Camps Every year company organizes blood donation camps along with Red Cross, in which employees donate blood. Eye check-up camps, family planning related camps and other health camps are also organized periodically. Medical support & welfare The employees of Maruti have always donated generously to people affected by natural calamities. They contributed Rs. million to rehabilitate earthquake victims in Latur. Company also runs a creche for the children of construction workers, which provides food shelter and education for 85 children. Education to underprivileged DPS Maruti Shiksha Kendra, an education programme for the underprivileged, was inaugurated at DPS, Maruti Kunj recently. The objective of his project is to educate the children of below poverty line (BPL) families from the nearby villages of Gurgaon district.

120 students in the age group of 5-8 years have already enrolled.DPS Maruti Kunj is providing books, writing material and uniforms, refreshment and transport facilities to these children. Education Programme for mothers ‘Chetna’, an education programme for mothers – is an another endeavour to provide basic education to mothers of the students of DPS Maruti Kunj and surrounding villages. Majority of students at the school is first generation learners. Therefore, the concept of starting a movement of learning ‘Chetna’ for mothers has been promoted. The response has been encouraging and about 130 mothers are attending it regularly. Educational benefits :Through the Maruti Employees Education Trust (MEET), company has set-up a well equipped modern school in association with Delhi Public School Society (DPS) at Maruti Kunj (Bhondsi), Gurgaon. This school will go a long way in providing quality education not only to the children of the employees at Maruti but also to the citizens of Gurgaon.

Education to underprivileged DPS Maruti Shiksha Kendra, an education programme for the underprivileged, was inaugurated at DPS, Maruti Kunj recently. The objective of his project is to educate the children of below poverty line (BPL) families from the nearby villages of Gurgaon district. 90 students in the age group of 5-12 years (classes I-V) have already enrolled. DPS Maruti Kunj is providing books, writing material and uniforms, refreshment and transport facilities to these children. Maruti and kids Maruti maintained and managed Children’s Park at the India Gate, is a popular learning and recreation spot among children .

The park adjacent to India Gate is spread over 14 acres, is at the polygon between Dr Zakir Hussain Marg and Shah Jahan Road. More than 2500 children visit the park every week. Based upon the theme of EDUTAINMENT(education + entertainment).The park plays host to a variety of facilities, as science centre, a well equipped library with latest children books , a maze hedge and an open air amphitheatre and a very special herbal garden . All this is set amidst beautifully landscaped greenery The Musical ; a story telling fountains are a major draw for the children. There are 4 exclusive play areas complete with swings and other play equipment which appeal to all children. Maruti regularly plays host to various activities as painting, dance and singing competitions for all junior schools.

NGO’s are also welcome for conducting events for underprivileged children.Environment : Maruti is committed to: • Maintain and continually improve upon our Environmental Management system and performance. • Prevention of pollution resulting from our business activities and products.

• Strictly adhere to environmental laws and further follow our own standards. Recognizing our responsibility to provide a green and safe environment, company has put forward following action guidelines: o Promote energy conservation o Promote three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) o Promote “Green” procurement o Provide environmental education to all the personnel working for or on the behalf of Maruti



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