Cultural Anthropology in Fashion Marketing and Management

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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Cultural anthropology, as suggested by its appellation, aims to study man and his culture. (QVCTC) This particular study focuses on the dimensions of existing societies (ethnology), language of man (linguistics), and history of man and his culture (historical archaeology). (MNSU) Studying culture and interaction within societies are utilized by professionals to describe man and his nature. For instance, the language being used in the community is analyzed to explain contextual cues of verbal and nonverbal communication. (Britannica) Although it is a broad course covering independent concepts and theories about man and culture, it may be applied to a various disciplines, such as my area of specialization that is fashion marketing and management.Fashions marketing and management focuses on the dynamics of the marketplace with regards to fashion, and through this understanding employ management practices and operations that suit the complex facet of the consumer population. It follows the management from pre- to post- production phases of fashion, with respect to the implementation of marketing processes and techniques that realizes the goal and objectives of fashion.

(Berkeley College) With this in mind, the concepts of cultural anthropology are connected to the features of fashion marketing and management. The relationship between these two fields of industry is complementary, proven by the assumption that understanding concepts and theories in cultural anthropology should be applied to fashion marketing and management to produce the best results and highly desirable outcomes.Fashion marketing has something to do with understanding the consumer.

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Marketing is a means of selling fashion by figuring out the culture of consumers when it comes to clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, and such. Fashion marketers should be able to identify what the consumer needs, what they want, and what they are looking for, and from this information formulate marketing principles that will be applied to attract majority of the consumer population. At this point, cultural anthropology intervenes to present the culture, especially material culture of man including clothing, in order to determine the fashion trend that will be acceptable and popularized to the market.While practicing my area of specialization in the academe, understanding concepts of cultural anthropology will help me also realize the meaning of fashion marketing and management concepts established through the years. For instance, the origin of fashion is traced back to ancient times, from colorful flowing fabrics worn in India to silk-made clothing from Japan, indigenous clothing whether woven or sown, etc.

This is part of cultural history that fuses concepts in fashion marketing and management and cultural anthropology. Career development in fashion marketing and management is also highly dependent on cultural anthropology. For instance, managing globalization of fashion trends require understanding of various cultures in order to determine what acceptable marketing principles to employ that will attract the most global consumers. Cultural anthropology assists in preparing myself for integration into the field of fashion marketing and management because it provides insight on how to go about the functions required by marketing and management in the field of fashion which is a valuable part of culture. 


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