Culture Differences Between Russia and America

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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Comparing Cultures Looking back at my experience living in America, to my best friend’s parents experiences from Russia, I was vividly able to see just how different the two cultures are. Furthermore, I found it intriguing how, after researching America and Russia, we both reflect the cultural values of our countries to a tee. Between language, education, government, location, and religion, both Russia and America contain several similarities and differences that really define the cultures in both countries..

. To begin with, both America and Russia have its own native language and intonation patterns which makes both countries unique.America is known mainly for its diversity in ethnicities, languages, and cultures however, majority of Americans do speak English and the second most spoken language in the United States is Spanish (http://www. alsintl. com/blog/top-10-languages/). As for Russia, the most frequently spoken language is infact Russian (https://www. cia.

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gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/rs. html). Although both America and Russia value education greatly, both countries have two different perspectives on it. For example, most successful businessmen in the United States do not have several university degrees.They would rather go out and start their own business right away then sit in a classroom for 4+ years mainly because they do not see the point of it, and they have a stronger work ethic than men in Russia. As for the woman in Russia, they want to get as much of an education as possible.

There, most doctors, engineers, teachers and skilled professionals are indeed women (http://irachernova. articlealley. com/differences-in-culture-between-america–russia-118278.

html). The constitutions of the United States and the Russian Federation were written more than two hundred years apart.Despite the different time eras of the constitutions, they both are remarkably similar in several ways. Both America’s and Russia’s constitutions establish a federal government with three branches (the executive, the legislative, and the judicial). The constitutions provide for a bicameral legislature: a upper house consisting of two representatives from each state or region, and a lower house with more representatives than the upper house which are elected by the most popular ballot.

Also, both country’s government contains a President instead of a dictator or overpowering figure. Although Russia


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