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Last updated: February 23, 2019

In choosing a business-related topic, I tried to consider factors like the availability of materials, the popularity of the topic, the depth of the relationship of the topic to business, the likelihood of the project to be a success, the probability of positive impact of the topic to its target subject/customer, and of course, the chance that the group will not only enhance its teamwork but also its members’ skills.  Accounting all of these factors, it is reasonable to choose a project that is related to one of the fastest growing business icon today – the Cyber and Internet Café.There are operational, technical and physical considerations in setting up and identifying the needs of this kind of business. The operational part involves the following tasks: appointing a coordinator that will oversee the needs of the café in an everyday basis; setting goals and objectives for the café; involving staffs who act as peer educators, offering to assist and train users in sending emails or other technical stuffs; offering internet promos like an hour of free internet access for every five or ten hours of computer usage; and monitoring the activities of the café in order to evaluate and assess if the team is achieving its goals (Advocates, 2003).  Appointing a coordinator will ensure that works are done in a timely and properly manner but note that a coordinator is not a boss or a superior.  My goal for this kind of business will include gaining profit while satisfying the needs of my customer.

  An underlying goal is the achievement of teamwork between the café’s working forces.  Another objective is being able to nurture and enhance not only the communication skills of the staffs but also their computer skills. Staffs who act as peer educators can provide lots of information about the Internet.  Although this particular task is not in demand nowadays, since almost everyone knows how to access the Internet, there are still lots of tasks regarding the computer network that still needed assistance.  The staff must be prepared for this kind of event.  Another promo that might catch the interest of many customers is the free wifi (wireless internet connection) access.  Coupled with few cozy looking tables inside the café, the business will undoubtedly attract laptop users.

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Since the café will also sell drinks and foods like ordinary cafés normally do, it is better to keep those laptop users around.  According to Joubert, there is nothing better than to have a solid client base (2004).  Here, Joubert meant that a business must win the interest and respect of its clients.  The aboveTechnical consideration involves the following factors: identification of the total number of computers needed in the start up procedure; trying to obtain new computers instead of those used ones; using the internet and reliable references to research trustworthy internet service providers; and using licensed operating software (Advocates, 2003).  Today, the number of computers affects the flow of the business because people sometimes base the quality of the service by looking at the quantity of materials provided.

But since the business is considered to be unstable in the first few months, it is much practical to invest an initial number of five to ten computers only.  Computers can be added at a later date.  It is also a good move to invest for printers and scanners since these are in demand to students, teachers, businessman and even the common people.  Using licensed operating software will establish the reliability of the business.  It reflects how we want to give the highest quality service we can give to the customers without sacrificing the status of the Cyber Café.Physical consideration involves choosing a big enough room to place the computers – providing an adequate amount of space creates a sense of privacy for the customers.  Also, ensure that the electrical connections are put in a right manner.  It isn’t a good impression to the customers to see electrical fibers sticking out of their cylindrical sheets.

It is also important to ensure that there is a constant flow of fresh air inside the café.  It prevents the computer from overheating and provides a comfortable surrounding to the customers.  The surrounding must also provide a welcoming aura.  It is advisable to use bright colors because it provides a very lively spirit.

  Providing a bulletin board inside the café for promo announcements and customer shout outs can boost the relationship between the client and the employee/owner.  It is good to have a two-way communication with the customers. A well-revised endorsement, which includes streamers, tarpaulin and flyers, will prove to be another wise strategy to catch the public’s eye. With regards to the designation of the labor force, a cyber café will need employees who will keep tract of the time spent of each customer.  They must also do tasks like writing and editing a report project, writing and editing documents, and duplicating reports (Modell, 1996).  Since they are dealing with computers, this wouldn’t be as hard as it sounds.

Communication among the staff members must also be put into consideration since they are part of the business as a whole.  The business wouldn’t function well with its members apart.


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