Cyrano de Bergerac

Edmond Rostand’s magnificent captivating play Cyrano de Bergerac features a very fascinating character in the person of Roxane. The play’s main protagonist is none other than Cyrano. Cyrano is the French soldier and poet who is challenged by the dilemma that he can never win Roxane’s heart with a hindrance such as a big nose.While Cyrano is the main protagonist in the play, further emphasis is given to Roxane due to the subliminal notion that the story revolves around her. Roxane’s has many suitors, yet she simply ignores their advances.

The sub-plot that a handful of suitors are competing for her love is the argument, which begets the main plot of Cyrano. Cyrano is reluctant in helping Christian to win Roxane’s love. Christian is easily Cyrano’s rival. He molds his image as a poetry connoisseur, and an obsessive gifted lover. Roxane falls for this image and marries Christian. Enter De Guiche, the French commander who sends Cyrano and Christian into the battlefield. De Guiche intends to create conflict between Cyrano and Christian in order to make Roxane his. Eventually, the story leads to Christian’s demise, and Cyrano unable to propose his love for Roxane.

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The story ends with Christian’s true identity divulged in a final letter read by Cyrano to Roxane before Cyrano’s demise.



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