Dangerous Driving Habits

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Last updated: June 9, 2019

Kiaa Johnson Johnson 1 Melissa LaChance 201011ENG110F 11-24-2010 Dangerous Driving Habits    Most traffic accidents are caused by dangerous driving habits attained and carried out by drivers.

All these accidents can be easily avoided if people are aware of the dangers these habits represent to them and other people. It is one thing to put yourself in harm’s way, but a totally different thing if you put others at risk because of your dangerous habits.I think drivers today are too comfortable getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Driving has become something that no one really thinks about while they are doing it. It just comes natural to most people these days. One of the many examples of dangerous driving habits that we all might have been guilty of a time or two is using the cell phone while driving in town or on the highway; it is rare not to see someone driving while talking on his or her cell phone. I am guilty of doing this myself. My son and I were on our way home from his preschool one day, and I heard my cell phone ringing and reached down to get it out of my purse.

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The next thing I know I am crossing over the yellow line into oncoming traffic. Luckily I looked up just in time to correct myself. My heart was racing so fast, and I was scared and relieved at the same time. Not only did I put myself in danger I was also putting my son and other drivers in harm’s way.

Johnson 2  Another dangerous habit while driving is eating and drinking. Many drivers leave the drive-thru lane of a restaurant and immediately pull onto the road while trying to eat and drink the food they just purchased.This takes your eyes and hands off the road. With my husband’s job he is always on the go and doesn’t have time to stop for lunch. He is always eating and drinking in the car. He hit a mailbox while trying to eat his lunch. He is lucky not to have been hurt, but was charged with a fine.

It is very distracting and unsafe. Reading can also be very tempting while driving. Sometimes we need to look at directions or maps and this requires you to look away from the road. One of the reason’s my husband decided to buy a GPS is because he almost had an


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