Date: Why I live at the P.O

Eudora lived with her father, mother and her uncle before they were later joined by her younger sister who had divorced her husband. Her sister had come along with a two year old child and she had sworn not at any moment refer to that adopted child. The first thing that the sister did was to turn her against her father by reporting to their father that, she said she don’t understand why he never cuts off his long beard.

This made her father to get angry with her, as that implied she was ungrateful to him for using his influence to get her a job (Welty, n d).  The narrator was in a good relationship with her uncle, Rondo although their friendship turned out when Stella-Rondo made her look increasingly guilty. The family’s affection was stolen by her sister.The family continued to squabble over one thing until she packed up her possessions and moved to the post office and became postmistress of China Grove, Mississippi where she is living happily. According to my perception, the narrator is tolerant and determined.

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Despite that everybody in the family was against her, she tried to be frank of what she did although they could not understand her. She finally made her way to work in the post office. It is sympathizing the way her sister tried to always talk ill about her (Welty, n d). The first person narrator tells her side of the family quarrel that caused her to leave the home and move into the local post office. This shows an effective way to depict human incongruity as a mean for endurance.  She appeals the reader to take her side.Works CitedWelty, Eudora.

Why I Live at the P.O, (n d). Retrieved on 16th July 2010 from, 



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