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Don’t you hate it when you walk by someone that cute boy or girl you want to talk to but you just don’t know how to approach them? * Are you afraid of being rejected? * Asking a girl or guy out and keeping them interested is a very hard thing to do now a days.

* P. S-I want you to understand the personal characteristics that lead to a successful date. * Thesis-The ways to go about dating him/her start with confidence, composure, availibility, and most of all being yourself. 2. Confidence Having confidence is key to the start of any relationship. * Without the confidence to leave your comfort zone, don’t count on any passionate relationships.

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* Just having the will to talk to the person you want is a lot to ask, let alone make casual conversation. * As you know, first impressions are very important and no one finds a stuttering, shaking and nervous guy or girl very appealing to talk to. * So when you get on the big stage, be confident in yourself and act as though your encounter with them is no big deal. Whether you talk to them in class, or the lunch line, talk about things you know, because getting stuck with nothing to talk about can become very awkward. Talk to them about events going on at school, or even talk about what is for lunch! Just talking in general will ease your tensions! 3.

The next step is how you are composed while talking to that special someone. A. Girls, When you act spazzy and giggly, its really a turn off to guys. B. Don’t get me wrong, Guys love making girls laugh, its probably the best thing a guy could do, but don’t spas out and turn a normal conversation into a train wreck.C. According to Melissa Walker from Girls Life magazine August 2009 issue, “Girls will do anything to help themselves get the attention away from other girls, but little do they know, guys don’t really like that”. D.

On the other hand, Guys, don’t let little things bother you, especially around girls. E. For instance, let’s say that you’re out with a girl for coffee, and you come out to find a parking ticket on your car. Some guys wouldn’t even think about it; they’d just get upset.They’d start whining, ranting and raving, and throwing a tantrum with no regard for what the girl is thinking of them. D. Other guys would causally pick up the ticket, make a funny comment, and not even miss a beat. What’s the difference? The guy who keeps his composure at all times is far more attractive than the one who doesn’t.

4. The next characteristic needed is Availibility. * After the first couple initial meetings, let’s hope you have a phone number or are facebook friends with this person. * Doing this will make communicating easier and more personal.

The key is to not always be available to talk…I know this sounds weird…but if the other person is truly interested, it won’t matter that you take your time. * For example, If he/she texts you saying what’s up…wait a few minutes before you start taking pics with your shirt off.* But seriously, wait a little bit and then respond. * The key is to come off like it’s just another conversation. * Use the resources right here on campus and through technology! * Facebook messaging and texting makes setting up a “date” a lot easier. Offer to meet up with the person on campus, in the cafeteria, or offer to study in your dorm room together. * Starting slow with something like that, when the location is easily accessible for both of you, is the best bet for a good place to meet.

* After you have met up a few times, asking them out on a date will seem natural. 5. Being Yourself Although I haven’t mentioned it until now, By far the most important thing to remember is to Be yourself! * It is easy to lie about yourself to impress someone, but if you truly want to experience having a boyfriend or girlfriend, you need to be your true self.

A. A Survey taken in 2008 in Time magazine asked, On a date do you think your companion is generally 100% truthful? The statistics came out showing only 22% said yes and 78% said no. B. Lying at the start of the relationship will eventually catch up to you and could ruin everything. C. I know it sounds cliche, but if they don’t like who you really are you shouldn’t be dating them. Conclusion A. All these things I have talked about are very important when starting the dating process, but go at your own pace.

If something isn’t happening right now, don’t rush it, it will happen eventually.B. According to Lionel Tiger, a professor at Rutgers University and the author of “The best strategy for a great first date is to go into it with the goal of simply enjoying yourself, instead of sticking to an agenda to win them over”. Works Cited Kitch, Carolyn. ““Useful Memory” In Time Inc.

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