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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Being as young as we are alcohol can affects us in more ways than one.

It can affect our behaviour, body and emotions, and we can see this in our generation of teenagers. So why is our alcohol consumption legalized to age 18? As well as the effect of alcohol on a teen’s body, it can affect a community in many ways, as they are the people dealing with the commotion of drunken teens. I strongly believe that the legal age for alcohol consumption should be raised from age 18 to 21, this way we could be seeing a big change and improvement in our society.Experts have shown that the younger you start drinking alcohol the more it can affect your body. According to NDRI of Curtin University over 80% of all the alcohol consumed by 14-17 year olds is drunk at high risk levels for severe harm. A young adolescent brain is vulnerable to the effects of alcohol; this is because it is obviously not fully developed yet. The brain, heart and liver being the area’s alcohol can affect most.

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When a young person drinks the parts of their brain react to the depressant in multiple ways.Some of the reactions may be behavioural changes, memory loss, sleepiness or loss of consciousness and sometimes may even cause brain damage. So why would we want to damage our body in such ways that we might not be able to go back to our normal selves again? Being 21 and over and consuming alcohol we can be more responsible with how we drink and understand that having a good time can turn into something much more than a good night out. Not only do we worry about our generation of teenagers, but what about our present community having to deal with the irresponsible drinkers of the 21st century.With alcohol legalised at the age of 18 that can put people from our community at risk on the roads. Not only could a newly licenced teenager die from drink driving but so can the other person in the crash. Legalising alcohol at the same age of being able to drive is not an appropriate mix. Not only is the community at risk on the roads, but also public places such as bars or nightclubs.

Night clubs and bars are common of drunken assaults, it has been researched that on an average of every week at least 70Australians are hospitalized due to an alcohol assault. Are all the consequences of teenage drinking worth it? Australian drinkers over the age 21 would be able to control themselves more around public areas and on our roads. Responsible drinkers are a lower risk to the public. So the effects of alcohol on a teenager 18 years and under are serious, as not only does alcohol badly influence a teen’s health state but it has a massive impact on the community that they are living in and the people around them.

Having teen’s drink alcohol when they are not responsible enough to deal with the consumption can cause many major problems like drink driving accidents, alcohol assaults as well as putting a young person’s life at risk. So in conclusion, rising the alcohol consumption age to 21 will benefit people of our generation and people of the future as we will be able to have a happy, healthy community as well as sensible youngsters.


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