Debut Albums and Victor

This is a story about lottery. One day, Ian and Ellen are watching TV in the living room. David is sleeping in his room. Scene? : In the living room Ian: The news is very boring. Ellen: Huh, only about political issues very boring. Ian: Yeah! It makes me annoyed.

Ellen: Well! How’s your business this month? Ian: Not bad! Perhaps I can get promotion next month. (Narrator: At that time, someone presses the buzzer of doorbell ring. Ellen: Dear, go to open the door. Ian: Son, why do you come home so late? Do you know what time it is? Victor: Oh! I’m sorry. I ate the dinner with my classmate. Ellen: Don’t blame him. Victor: Yeah! Mom~ I love you so much~ Ian: Ok! I always find faults with you. Ellen: Wait! Your room is too dirty.

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Arrange your room today. Victor: I want to arrange my room tomorrow. Ian: Do whatever your Mom said. Victor: I feel tired today. Mom ~ could I arrange my room tomorrow? Ellen: No way! If you don’t arrange your room, you can’t get your allowance.

Victor: Oh! I’ll go to arrange my room soon.Ellen: You are my good boy. In the Victor’s room (Narrator: Victor goes to his room reluctantly and arranges his room. Soon, when he arranges the books, he finds a notepaper.

He looks at it and finds that it is a lottery. He takes the news paper to check lottery number……) Victor: Wow! It is the first prize. Huh…, huh… I have to cash the lottery ticket. Victor: But, now it is too late. I will cash it tomorrow.

Oh! I am a rich man!. Ian: Have you arranged your room? If you finished it, go to take a bath. Victor: Ok… I will go to take a bath right now. In the living room Narrator: Victor puts the lottery ticket into the book and puts down the book on his desk. He leaves his room.

And he goes to library. The door bell is ringing… David opens the door. ) Jeff: Hi~ is Victor at home? David: He is not here. He went to the library. Jeff: Oh! No. I want to borrow a book from him. (He is very anxious) David: That’s OK! I can find the book for you.

Please sit down. Jeff: Thank you! I want to borrow a book that has an orange cover. David: Ok! Wait a minute. I’ll go to Victor’s room and find it. In the Victor’s room (Narrator: After David entered Victor’s room, he finds the book on the desk.He is afraid that there is something in the book.

So when he opens the book, he finds the special notepaper. ) David: What is it? David: Wow! It is a lottery ticket. (He takes the newspaper to check the lottery number. He feels very surprised) David: Wow… wow… it is the first prize.

Huh… He wants to keep the money all to himself. I’ll hide it and make him nervous. (Then David puts the lottery into his pocket and goes out the room. ) In the living room Jeff: Did you find it? David: Is it? Jeff: Yes, That’s it. Thank you so much. David: You’re welcome. Jeff: Please tell him that I borrowed the book.

David: Oh!I will. Bye. Jeff: Thank you! Bye. (Narrator: After two hours, Victor comes back and enters his room in the night. Suddenly, he runs out his room. ) Victor: David, have you seen my book on my desk? David: Oh! Your friend borrowed it.

Victor: Well … oh! That’s OK! (Victor calls on the cell phone. David is laughing at his back) Victor: Hello! Jeff (Victor walks to the other side of the room. ) Jeff: Hello! Victor: Jeff, today you went to my home and borrowed my book, right? Jeff: Yes, your brother took it to me. Victor: Have you seen a notepaper in the book? Jeff: Notepaper? I haven’t seen anything.

Victor: No? Oh! My gosh. Jeff: What kind of the notepaper? Victor: Well! Well! Just a lottery ticket. Jeff: Really? Is it important? Win any money. Victor: No, the lottery is not mine. Jeff: Oh! Victor: Huh… well! I will keep looking for it. Jeff: Ok… bye! (Narrator: After Victor hangs up the phone, he goes back to his room and continues finding the lottery. He still cannot find it, so he goes to sleep. Suddenly, David‘s cell phone is ringing.

He puts the lottery on the table and answers his cell phone. ) David: Oh! Honey. I miss you so much.

You wanna see me now. (Then he goes out in a hurry.After some time, the parents come back home. ) Ian: Huh! It is good to walk with you. Ellen: Oh! Yeah what is it? Dear, is this yours? Ian: What is it? Lottery ticket! No, I have never bough it.

Ellen: Maybe it is the first prize. Take the newspaper to check it. Ian: Ok! Ian: Here it is! Ellen: Oh! My gosh.

. It is the first prize! Ian: What! We are so lucky. Honey! We’re rich now. (Ian holds Ellen’s hands) Ellen: I can’t believe it.

Ian: We will cash it tomorrow. Ellen: But it doesn’t belong to us…I’m afraid… Ian: Don’t worry. Maybe our son bought it! I’ll talk to them. Ellen: Is it really ok?Ian: The bank is closed now. We can cash it tomorrow. Ellen: Ok! Tomorrow morning, in the living room (Narrator: David is looking for the lottery ticket. But he can’t find it.

) David: Hmm~ where is the lottery? I remember I put it on the table. Victor: David, what are you doing? David: Nothing…What time did you come back? Victor: About 12 o’clock. . Dad and Mom said they wanted to go to bank to withdraw money.

We have to prepare our lunch. (Victor goes into the kitchen) David: Why the lottery disappears? Oh~ Maybe Dad and mom saw it! Is it possible that… (David goes to the bank in a hurry) Scene?In the bank (Narrator: David runs out of home towards the bank. As soon as he gets to the bank, he sees his parents go into the bank. He follows them into the bank. and peeps over their shoulders. ) Weaber: Hello, may I help you? Ian: I want to cash this lottery ticket.

I won the first prize. Ellen: Not! “I”, it’s “We”. Sir, we won the first prize.

(Angry) Weaber: Ok. Let me check it. Weaber: Sorry, sir. This is expired. David: What? Ellen: Hey, David.

You scared me. Ian: David! What are you doing here? Is it yours? David: Mom, I’m sorry. This is not mine. It is Victor’s. Ellen: It is expired.Why didn’t you throw it away? David: Yeah~ I also thought that it was the first prize. .

Ian: Let’s go home to ask Victor. (Angry) Scene? In the living room David: Victor ~ Come here~ (Shouts out) Victor: What happened? I’m eating lunch. Ian: The lottery is yours, right? Victor: My lottery~ it’s you took it. Where’s the money? Ellen: There’s no money. It’s expired. Victor: What? David: It was expired. You still treat it as treasury. You’re so strange.

Victor: Me? I didn’t buy it. This is not mine. Ellen: But who bought it? (Narrator: They look at each other. Suddenly, Ian remembers it.

Ian: I…I remember it. I bought it two months ago. Ha-ha~ Ellen: What? David: What? Victor: What? Ian: Sorry~ I forgot it’s mine. I read victor’s book last week.

When I went to sleep, I put the lottery ticket into the book. Ian: Sweetheart~ don’t turn your back on me~ Ellen: Go away. I’m busy! Ian: Sweetheart~ sons~ I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.

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