Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra was born in 1946 in India and is an outstanding physician and author of dozens of books that deal with spirituality, health, aging, psychological aspects of human activity, and direct interconnection between the spirit and physical body of a person. It would be well to stress that his literary heritage includes a significant number of elements associated with religion and meditation originated in India.One of his most popular books that gives an insight into the meaning of success “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams” has become a bestseller throughout the whole world as it contains both theoretical and practical materials that may come in handy to pragmatic people lost in this busy world full of technological and scientific innovations.The author claims that success is the “continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals by honoring others” (Chopra 32). He believes that success may be achieved neither at the expense of other people nor by means of deceit or dishonesty. The desire to be successful in life requires much spiritual effort and is closely connected with appreciation and establishment of moral values.

Deepak Chopra explains his life position describing seven practical laws associated with happiness and success:1.   The Law of Pure Potentiality implies the presence of potential resources within each human being. With this realization an individual acquires power, which allows him/her to accomplish his/her task on earth.2.   The Law of Giving ensures global flow of energy consisting of giving and receiving.

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By devoting their time and energy to each other, people maintain constant and smooth process of energy flow.3.   The Law of Least Effort explains that the perfection of nature is hard to overestimate and by going with the stream we generate the power of harmony and happiness.4.   The Low of Cause and Effect includes the notion of constant interdependency between an action and its result. Consequently, resorting to the help of morality, heart, and conscience we create identical response.

5.   The Law of Purpose in Life investigates importance of life purpose and its connection with kindness and truth aimed at other people.6.   The Law of Detachment stresses the significance of challenge in life.7.   The Law of Intention and Desire is closely connected with the law of pure potentiality and creates supreme mixture that paves the way to person’s self-improvement.The main theme of Chopra’s book is the perfection and harmony of nature and people that allow them improving their lives.

He is certain in that all individuals should recognize their power and opportunities provided by the surrounding environment reflected in human beliefs, decisions, and actions. Chopra calls upon re-establishing priorities in the field of mutual understanding and respect as he approaches the ideas of life after death, God, destiny, and fate. The author of the book believes that human creatures are characterized by high level of spirituality and therefore should resolve everyday issues resorting to spiritual approaches hidden under the surface of nature.In conclusion it would be appropriate to note that modern world has become so much penetrated by materialism that books like this one may not always be interpreted correctly. Therefore, in order to perceive this work positively one should abstract his/her mind from the surrounding environment and current problems.ReferencesChopra, D.

(1994). The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of   Your Dreams. New York: New World Library 

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