Definitions of Abnormal Behavior

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Last updated: May 14, 2019

Definitions of Abnormal Behavior Through the years it has been understood that there exists a great deal of difficulty when attempting to define an individual case of abnormal behavior. Many pros and con’s must be described and studied in order to accurately define, decipher, or explain a particular aspect of the many behavioral abnormalities.

Abnormalities as a legal concept can be defined most simply as the definition of insanity given by the judicial system, which makes it a legal term as opposed to a psychological one.Insanities definition differs from one state, city, or jurisdiction to another. In some situations insanity is deemed as whether or not the person fully or correctly understands the complete separation of right from wrong. Other entities may see insanity as whether or not the defendant clearly understands if his or her behavior was actually criminal, or non criminal, or if they were able to or not able to control themselves and their behavior leading up to, or at the time of the act. In some states insanity is not even a viable defense at all.Abnormality as the inability to function effectively deals with whether someone is able to live their life as a productive member of society. Meaning ones ability to hold gainful employment, interact well with other members of society, nourish their self properly or even maintain a normal level of hygiene. There are some who are not able to function accordingly within their particular society.

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Those who are found to not be able to properly adapt to their respective societies basic demands may be viewed as abnormal based on their inability to conform in these basic modes of function.


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