Differences Between Vacation on Mountain and Sea

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Last updated: June 16, 2019

Differences between vacation on mountain and sea (Comparison/Contrast essay) One of the dearest periods of year is vacation. “Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today’s world it has become a necessity”. Because of the Earth variety we can choose place which is most common to our taste. Two places that are mostly chosen are sea and mountain.

Despite some of us choose sea and some mountain we should all agree that among differences both of these vacation options are beautiful.At first, I should discuss about mountain vacation advantages and disadvantages. Basic criteria when this topic is about is climate, location and activities we can do. Climate on mountain depends on persons taste. If someone dislike coldness and snow than mountain is not good choice to enjoy, but on the other hand, for people who love this kind of climate it can be great choice. Mountain climate can afford us unbelievable vacation and great fun if we love it.Location is also important because if location is to far from origin place then we can have problem with choosing it, e. g.

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when people form Bosnia want to go on Canada mountains it can be big barrier because of distance . But Switzerland is closer and more available. And, off course, activities we can do. Mountain is ideal for snowboarding, skiing, climbing etc. and it gives us big variety of activities we can do and make fun. Then we have sea. Sea, as a vacation place, is connected with great climate, warm wind, clear sky and hot sun.

Climate is definitely big advantage of vacation on sea. Location is another criteria for choosing vacation place. Places like Caribien Islands Ibiza etc. are most famous places for having fun on sea side. But just like on mountain, it is individual, taste from person to person. Diapason of activities is same huge, and all of them are otherwise from mountain activities.

On sea we can swim, play volleyball, soccer, have scuba diving, drive water scoter etc. and spend great time.To sum up, these are main differences between vacation on mountain and sea. Place of vacation depends on person taste and individual requests. But, mo matter which one we use, we will definitely have great time and unforgettable fun.

We should choose place for rest and fun, and sometimes choose something different. Sometimes, these differences can make enjoyable vacation. Author Senad Alibegovic, http://www. quotegarden. com/vacations.



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