Discuss the Theme of Dreams in ‘of Mice and Men’

In this essay I will discuss the importance of dreams in ‘Of mice and Men’ to the characters. Dreams in the novella go wrong, get broken and shattered. This is what happens all the way through the novella. In the book all of the ranch workers have the same dream; the American dream. The main characters who share this dream are George and Lennie. They’re dream is to have their own farm which they own. It is a dream of working for themselves and earning their own money.

For George and Lennie, the ideal life is to live on a farm without a boss or rules. Their highest aspiration is to purchase a few acres of land they can call their own, “an’ live off the fatta the lan'”. George and Lennie’s dream is powerful enough to draw in Candy because they believe they can make it come true. They can now make it come true because Candy has half of the money. But dreams always go wrong in this novella and Lennie makes it shatter.Lennie destroys his own dream between his strength and utter helpless stupidity. Another person’s dream is Crooks.

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His dream is to become equal with white people and to have the same “rights”. He is not equal because he is black. He is also drawn to George, Lennie and Candy’s dream for a little while but then withdraws, because he remembers he is black and different. Curley’s dream is to be a profession boxer.

Evidence of this is that he keeps newspaper clippings of his future wins.He wants to win the Golden Glove tournament. His dream is smashed when he picks a fight with innocent Lennie. Lennie crushes every bone in Curley’s hand to protect himself.

Curley’s wife has a dream to be in the pictures. She met an actor when she was fifteen and he said she was a “natural”. Ever since she met him she has wanted to be “in the movies”. But when she married Curley and moved away, her dream ended. Her dream defiantly ended when Lennie broke he neck by accident.



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