Discussion questions Week 2-6

What policies does The Geo Group Inc.

(Western Regional Detention Facility of San Diego) have in place related to employee safety and security? There are policies regarding employee’s safety for example the medical policy. All employees are subjected to medical policy therefore incase of any illness the medical cover is of benefit to them.Do you feel the policies are beneficial for employees? The policies are not beneficial to the employeesWhy or why not?  Because there is negligence and medical malpractice therefore there are minimal standard of care in the medical community in providing appropriate medical treatment policies which are not followed properly. What safety and security obligations are needed that have not been addressed by The Geo Group Inc.? A licensed health care which will be able to provide full medication is of importance.What risk are associated with civil liability as it applies to the GEO Group Inc. the    obvious risk has been up brought to the civil liability amendment. It states if a person suffers injuries as the consequence of a certain a risk then the person is presumed to have been aware of such risk.

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(UNECE, 2003)It also states that there is no carelessness for harm suffered by a person as a result of materialization.Compare the risk to those associated with crime, justice, and security organizations. The risks are the same because they are judged by the same Act that defines an obvious risk to the person who has suffered the harm as a risk.

•Describe some of the issues an organization might face when insuring against risk.Minimal harm will be experienced because there are guidelines and policies that define the insurance in the company or organization against a certain riskCourt issues are the generalities faced by an organization as it insures against risk. The court decides on the extent of a loss on a certain insured and discusses on the impact of the risk on future coverage proceedings.

Do you believe insuring against risk is a wise business choice or a waste of the organization’s time and money? It is a wise business the organization is able to resume back to its position after a risk has occurred. What reasons might a company have not to insure against risk? A company might not insure against a risk when there are policies and guidelines that lead to avoiding a certain risk to occur. Thee rules are supposed to be followed properly.

Explain compliance issues and consequences related to one of the following: EEO or workers’ compensation. They define the guidelines specifications and legislation of workers compensation. They explain tat each worker should be compensated accordingly to the effort.

What is your opinion of the compliance issues and consequences? The compliance issues should be used accordingly as regulatory context and guidelines.Provide a scenario in which it would be useful to know the compliance issues and consequences. Software may be developed in compliance with specifications from some standard body.Describe how scenario thinking is used to manage uncertainty.

Scenario thinking navigates in large-scale driving forces that are impacting on the future. It examines possible future developments that have either positive or negative impact on the organization.What are the benefits of scenario thinking? Scenario thinking allows preparedness and estimation and risk assessment.Provide an example of how scenario thinking is used for risk management. Scenario thinking defines and explains the risk, where it has come from and the consequences of the risk and the way to manage the risk.Compare and contrast the components of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis and of a societal, technological, economic, ecological, and political variables analysis. Which analysis method would you use in the industry in which you work and why?Societal analysis identifies areas that need public assistance and services to recover form a disaster.

Technological analysis identifies the strategic needs of policy makers and management.Economical variable analysis distinguishes on an organization growth through its economic process.Ecological variable analysis provides variable that are placed according to their environmental origin.Through the use of the factor analysis, the economic and social variable don’t compete instead they have mutually complementary relationship to each other. The societal, technological, economic, ecological and political variable analysis have a positive impact, they show the growth of the population in an economical way and the progress in the political way. There weakness is that they do not give a clear definition of there growth therefore they are unpredictable. The threats occurred depend on the changes of the environment there fore if any threat is considered then there is a change in the environment.

Discuss how emergency preparedness reduces risk. Emergency preparedness reduces risk by creating awareness on a certain risk and the measures of reducing the risk.What best practices would you recommend related to emergency preparedness and response for your workplace? Providing occupational safety is very important, rules and regulation and safety precautions help in disaster preparedness.Do you believe that the management of crisis or emergency situations should be regulated by federal guidelines? Why or why not? The federal guidelines are of no use in crisis management or emergency situation. There are different types of crisis and some of them cannot be regulated by the federal guidelines since they occur naturally.

What are the limits of social responsibility from both a private and a public organizational perspective? They should take a dominant responsibility of the whole world. There are few limitations of social responsibity because social responsibility requires financial contributions hence creating limitation. Financial position may limit both the company on social responsibities. Policies contribute to limitation of social responsibity; there are policies that are set up limiting both the public and private organization from social responsibilityWhen might the boundaries become blurred between private and public responsibility? When there is an institution of finances these may bring the private and public organization to become blurred to take responsibility.

Many of social responsibity require finances and therefore due to lack of enough finance a company may blur from the responsibility. Provide an example. An example of a responsibity taken by the organization is construction of medical centres, there might not be enough funds to contribute to this by an organization so the company does not commit to these.What are the ethical and practical aspects of social responsibility as they relate to the practice of risk management within organizations? Managing risk is the central part of many corporate strategies and if risks occur they can takes a long time for an organization to rebuild up, such practices include corruption humiliation environmental accidents that draw attention from the regulators and courts.How might we distinguish between intended and unintended consequences of risk management decisions? The intended is the consequence of offering the desirable need and its outcome are positive while the unintended the outcome are secondary or negative.REFERENCESwww.unece.org civil liability and compensation for damage caused by the Tran boundary effects of industrial retrieved from http://www.unece.org/env/civil-liability/welcome.html;

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