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Last updated: May 8, 2019

Essay Discussion BY waleed123123 In my writing experience, I have come across several types of essays that have worked to build my language, grammar and even creativity. Some of these essays have been interesting and fun to work on whereas some have not been all that rosy.

All in all, they effectively fulfilled the purpose that they were meant to do in my learning process. The hardest essay that I wrote was the formal letter. However, the easiest essay was the compare/contrast essay.

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Among the four essays learnt, the formal letter was the most difficult. This ifficulty was majorly due to the fact that the formal letter requires a lot of formal procedures and formatting styles. Also, it had so many instructions that had to be adhered to in order for the essay or letter in this case to be correct. Moreover, it had some details such as where to place commas and full stops in the addresses that were easily confused or forgotten if the writer was not precise.This made the essay quite difficult. On the other hand, the easiest essay to write was the compare/contrast essay. Indeed, this essay was basically easy to write because it generally had a lot of points ince one had to write about two parties. Furthermore, most compare/contrast essays entailed things that we already had prior knowledge about or things that were basically general understanding such as comparison between life in the city and life in a rural setting.

That kind of essay was quite easy and interesting to work on. Overall, the most difficult essay that I wrote about was the formal essay because of the long procedures and sort of specific details which I struggled with. In contrast, the compare/ contrast essay was the easiest one due to past background about the things I had to write about. In fact, it was my favorite essay


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