Dominant-Minority Relations.

There is not one answer to this discussion topic. You may consider differences according to region of the country, by social class, or urban vs. suburban or rural.

California and L.A. specifically, is a mirror for ethnic composition in the U.S. into the future. So, how people deal with differences is a crucial topic. What do you observe now? What do you see into the future? Please use not only opinion, but the knowledge you’re hopefully gaining from the text and previous discussions.For me who grew up in Japan, living in the United States is indeed an exciting experience and a major adjustment.

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Japan is substantially different with the U.S. especially in culture and beliefs. They do not differ much in terms of technological advancements, but they are basically at odds when it comes to daily living and traditional points of view. Since when I was in Japan, and particularly reinforced by my relocation, I have always loved living in suburbs.

Settling in a suburb is a good thing for me because it is not as busy as an urban place and not as slow as a country. Japanese people are renowned to be corporate or business-minded people. Youth in the U.S., on the other hand are quite carefree. For me, the suburb provides a mixture of the two, which I find very fitting. The lifestyles of people in urban places and countryside are seamlessly blended that proves to be a good dwelling place for me.

As far as I can go, I would prefer to live in a suburb area because I think this is really where I truly belong and where I would love to stay.Third-world countries regard highly of Japan. This Asian emperor is not only rich in culture, but provides a lot of huge opportunities to earn money. But moving to the United States, where people are known to be so liberal and sometimes quite discriminating, is such a bug adjustment as well. America is too much of a big nation for someone like me who belongs to a minority group, but the countryside is too traditional for me. So I think that the suburb really fits well my personality moving from a culturally rich country to a liberal nation, which is the United States. Our book has stated that discrimination and prejudice is already part of our daily living and will never leave our nature as human beings, always hoping to rise above others.

However, dealing with it properly is, I think, the best way to both accept and deter maltreatment and being in a suburb, for me, is the best place to adjust to such.

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