What Should Be Done About Identity Theft?

Rafael Tirado CGS1060 What should Be Done about Identity Theft? At the age that I am now, identity theft is crucial for me; especially since I’m just starting to build my credit. There are many people out there that are trying to steal others identities because they may have ruin their own or theirs was ruin by another. E-mails are one of the top ways of communicating in today’s day and age and with all the computer scammers out there it’s hard to know who to trust. The example of the e-mail message from your bank asking to verify your Social Security is great way to be taken advantage if following the rights procedures.

I would first go to my bank physically and do my business there and if it was a fraud than I would now then and there and if it wasn’t than I really didn’t lose much but a little time, rather than my identity. The three ways discussed on how one can help protect there identity is three that I have to and want to start enforcing to help myself. My mom would always tell me when I was little and she was doing bills and what not, to always shred and tear up anything with important information on it.

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Like your home address or billing information.Ever since I was little I always had that emended in me. I rarely ever open e-mails regardless if it looks legit. I don’t trust it unless it’s a password change that I have to go through my e-mail to confirm.

The number one thing to me that I need to do is enroll in a credit monitoring service because I want to be able to own and house by the age of twenty two and live successfully early in life and not have to worry about my credit being in the hands of someone much less fortunate than me because of their wrong doings.I would hope that the government would back up indentify theft more because as individuals we hold up this country even if we may not fight in a war. To be able to be a part of this country and backing up America wouldn’t you want full support of your county for backing you up to keep your identity to yourself? By the end of the day it is my identity so I should be the number one person to protect it as should everyone else in the world.



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