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Dove Campaign For Real Beauty 2004 to 2006 Case Evaluation Situation Analysis In 2004 , In England, Dove started the Campaign For Real Beauty , with the aim to make women feel confident about their physical appearance no matter their age and their size. Target Audience All women regardless their size and their age. Research To get to know their audience, Dove begin a study about how women fell about their physical appearance. The conclusion was that women feel that physical attractiveness is very important to the society and that people expect from women of this generation to be more attractive that the women of the previous generation.After this study Dove collected the statistics of 3. 200 women, from 18 to 64 years old, from 10 countries( The U. S, Italy, Canada, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Portugal).

The study began in February 2004 and ended in March 2004. The statistics are: * Only 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful * 1 of 2 of women think that are overweight * 3 of 4 of women saw themselves as ‘’average’’. Two more studies, one in 2005 and the other in 2006, came to add that : * 90% of women are not satisfied with at least one part of their physical appearance, especially their body parts. 91% of women believe that the media need to promote more realistic and healthier images of women, especially of women over 50 years old.

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Objectives * Attract worldwide Media coverage * Debates , seminars discussion are needed to make an opportunity for women to discuss the real meaning of beauty. * Self-esteem awareness programs * Make women to use the CFRB Web site, for discussions about the issue. * Increase Dove’ s sales of beauty products TACTICS PLANNING THE USE OF MEDIA: CONTROLLED MEDIA ADVERTISING Dove created an advertising campaign in 2004.In this advertisements dove asked about if models characteristics such us slimness and youth are necessary for beauty.

The advertisement contented a photo of woman who didn’t look like a model. Then dove asked the reader to express their opinion about woman’s appearance checking off a box. (www. campaignforrealbeauty. com) TV COMMERCIALS Dove makes many TV commercials such as Campaign For real Beauty: http://youtube.

com/watch? v=Fc2Ity4Uv Commercial in Super Bow 2006 http://videogoogle. com/videoplay? docid=1731400614466797113 WEBSITE www. campaignforrealbeauty. com This site is interactive.Women can make dialogue about beauty, they can read other women’s opinion and also they can find many researches about beauty. INTERVIEWS Dove sent experts to some TV shows to give interviews.

These shows are: The Early Show, The Today Show, Oprah and Good Morning America. THE DOVE SELF-ESTEEM FUND Dove makes the self esteem fund in order to increase self-confidence and self-esteem of women. Further more the Dove self esteem fund supports a school educational program.

The name of this program is Body Talk. PROGRAMS Dove sponsored the Program for Aesthetics and Well being.The program for Aesthetics and Well-being was a Harvard University’s program. This program studied how women are displayed by the media, and which are the effects of this on women’s well-being.

Dove organizes on international exhibition of photography. This exhibition aimed to the overthrow of the modern stereotypical beauty. It tried to show the real beauty. PANEL DISCUSSION Dove started its campaign for Real Beauty with a panel discussion. The people who participated in this discussion were: Nancy Etcoff who was a professor of Harvard University, Mindy Herman and many others. THEME AND MESSAGES • Dove A New Vision Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.

• Help make our vision reality. ACTIONS According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Dove and its partners in this effort( marketing and communications agencies as Ogilvy & Mather, Edelman Public Relations, and Harbinger Communications) organized several special events in order to promote the campaign, which was accomplished in two phases. It was communicated to the public through a Web site, workshops, sleepover events, films, a variety of print and television advertisements, billboards, interviews, panel discussions, programs and a book.The first phase included a variety of tactics in order to establish credibility for the campaigning message. These include the release of the 2004 TRTAB global, academic research study that explored the relationship which women have with beauty and how it affects their well-being and happiness. At the same time Dove launched a global advertising campaign centred around a series of billboard advertisements, which invited passengers to vote on if a particular model was, for example, “Fat or Fab” or “Wrinkled or Wonderful”, with all the results updated and displayed in the ads later on.The second phase introduced with six “real women” models posing in their bras and underwear. theyparticipated in a three-month media tour and made appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Oprah.

At the same time Dove organized panel discussions with medical and academic experts and a global touring photography exhibit which showcased diverse images of female beauty. Eventually the exhibit was turned into a book CONTROLLED AND UNCONTROLLED MEDIA Controlled and uncontrolled media were both used in order to promote the cause.Some means of controlled media used to reach their audiences were news articles in women’s magazines, newspapers, publications and a series of television spots including “a 30-second spot in the commercial break during Super Bowl XL” (Wikipedia). Uncontrolled means were appearances on The Early Show, The Today Show, Oprah and Good Morning America.

In this way they were able to communicate with all targeted audiences successfully so to promote their campaign. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Effective communication was achieved by using credible sources to prove the data after intense research.Dove developed a global report with the help of Dr. Nancy Etcoff, Harvard University professor and author of “Survival of the Prettiest,” and Dr. Susie Orbach, London School of Economics,  using a sample of of 3,200 women from ten different countries. All the verbal cues used in the campaign were appropriate for its promotion and had the desired results.

Two way communication and audience participation were definitely achieved through the web site (www. campaignforrealbeauty. com), facebook,twitter, letters to newspapers and a  field-marketing exercise: . According to campaignlive. co. k more than more than 800,000 responses in just eight days were collected in more than a 1000 public areas gathering answers about the campaign. Selective exposure towards persuading the audiences attitudes was easy to be accomplished as the numbers speak by themselves. All that was needed was just Doves and the PR agencies reinforcement.

EVALUATION The final assessment as a result of this public relations campaign until 2006 was totally successful. The media coverage was massive, “generating media exposure which Unilever has estimated to be worth more than 30 times the paid-for media space “. Wikipedia). According to http://www. campaignlive.

co. uk, by the end of 2005 Dove’s market share in Asia had increased from 19% to 26% and “Dove models were featured in 618 separate newspaper clippings, reaching an overall circulation of more than 139 million”. In USA the campaign had more than 30 million daytime TV viewers, which increasd sales by 13 per cent. According to Dove sales for the products featured in the advertisements increased 600 percent in the first two months of the campaign and by June 2005, more than 1 million visitors had logged onto www. campaignforrealbeauty. om.

• Awards PR Week’s Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year 2006 PRSA’s Silver Anvil ‘Best of’ Award 2006 Grand EFFIE Award 2006 PROPOSAL One of the pr advantages I would have promote more would have been the global conferences with experts in schools in order to inform as many youngsters and their parents as possible.LINKS http://www. campaignlive.

co. uk/news/532448/Top-Performers-2005-International-Advertiser-Year–Dove/ http://www. now. org/nnt/fall-2006/dove_campaign. html media-awareness. ca Dove. com CFRB.

COM http://www. dove. us/#/cfrb/selfesteem/girls_inc. aspx


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