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Last updated: May 21, 2019

Assuming E-Ink gets the money it needs to stay alive, what would be your top development priorities if if you were the CEO? * Which markets should it attack? And which business model should it adopt? Considering that E-Ink would get the necessary money to stay alive, the main and most importat point that should require a very deep analysis would be in what type of products and in what kind of target markets would the company operate in the future, in order, to achieve the final goal of launching the radio paper ($80 billion market).Pressuposing that in the near future, E-Ink could finally launch a successful IPO operation which would translate into bigger amount of money available for investments, it would be an interesting perspetive in analyzing how could E-Ink stop being Sony? s main supplier in the eBooks and becoming its competitor. After Philips quiting the display manufactoring businesses, a Taiwan company started making this transition.Since we have the optimal film know how produced by E-Ink and the dispplay module provided by the Taiwan company, it would just be necessary a significant investment in the device integration segment to complete the supply chain and selling the product directly to the customers without Sony? s participation . From one side, we have a significant investment that had to be made in the device integration segment that would involve several costs associated with R&D, personnel costs, a new production fabric and marketing costs to promote the new product.But on the side, we have the absorption of the high margins that Sony was practicing on the selling of the eBooks that can compensate the high investment made in the device integration. The market focus must keep the company on its technology path toward radio paper.

Raise Cash Flows to enhance shareholders value and reduce cash burn rate. The company? s technical path to reach the radio paper ($80 billion market) would have to firstly go through the retail signs in 1999 ($600 million market) and through the portable displays in 2001 ($3 billion market).

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