Eating Homemade Meals

Eating is something all us human being have to do at least 3 times a day.

We are liable for what we eat. We make the decision of what we are going to eat and how the foods will take effect on our body. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the differences between eating homemade meals instead of fast food meals.

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The three main differences are health benefits, the cost, and less chances of being obese.The most noticeable difference between both of the kinds of food is their health benefits. Homemade meals are made by a person himself or herself which gives the person the benefit to include fewer calories from fat, fewer grams of total fat, less cholesterol, and more vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Where there are chemicals added to fast foods, there are natural homemade meals with no dangerous chemicals included. Homemade meals are healthier and give a better balance in a person’s diet.There are millions of people that are overweight and have cholesterol health issues due to eating fast foods; therefore they should make their own homemade meals to have a beneficial diet rather than eating an unhealthy meal at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Checkers. Second, is the cost difference between homemade meals and Fast food meals. A person can waste a lot of money by eating at a fast food restaurant rather than making a homemade meal.

For example, a medium pizza costs $8. 9 at dominos, if a person ordered it for seven days it would cost $62. 93 and that’s only once a day. In contrast if a person went to the grocery store and spent $62. 93 he or she could buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods for at least five to six days.

Money does not grow on trees and people should spend their money wisely, especially when they can spend the same or less amount of money and buy more foods. Last of all, why are most people so obese? Two words: fast food. Eating a homemade meal is more conducive to the human body than eating fast food.A guy name Morgan Spurlock made a movie “Super-Size Me” about him eating nothing but McDonald’s three times a day for a whole month.

He went to the doctors after the thirtieth day, they said the ninety meals he ate caused him to gain 24. 5 pounds, it did irreversible heart damage that could cause a heart attack and an ordinary person should consume that much fast food in 8 years. In contrast, if a person cooks at home and makes his own meals, they have a much better diet because they have the control of what they eat and how they cook their meals for it to be healthy as possible.Making and eating a homemade meal gives a person the advantage of how healthy they want their food to be! Here are the main differences between eating fast food or making and eating a homemade meal. As we can see homemade meals gives a person the dominance of how healthy a person wants its meals and how fast food can put a big hole in your pocket and give u a fat belly as well. Therefore it is important for people to understand that rather than eating fast food, consuming homemade meals gives you a healthier diet, cheaper food expense and a smaller waist line.

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