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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Every aspect of my being makes me a qualified candidate for the ECO (early completion option) Credential Program. I have always achieved my goals in an accelerated fashion and the ECO is perfect tool for me to improve my repertoire. I finished my bachelor’s degree in mathematics in a span of only three and a half years. I always try to make the best of my capabilities. After graduation, I started with the preliminary credential program all the while teaching full time.

As a teacher, differentiating instructions allowed me to meet all the needs of my students. I adapt my teaching strategies to enhance the learning process especially that I deal with a lot of students coming from a diverse background. I believe that learning is a continuous process that even I as a teacher still need to learn more. This is a reason why I am still very much interested in professional development.Additionally, I always try to help my students to the best of my abilities.

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When students ask for it or whenever I think it is necessary, I provide them special tutorial lessons after regular class hours. This way, I can enhance the learning process. The important thing for me is that the students learn. Learning can also be enhanced if the student is interested thus I make sure that students are interested in the class subject matter.

I employ a set of activities to maintain this.The ECO Credential Program will enhance my professional skills which would in turn aid in the student learning process as I am able to acquire new techniques and strategies on how to approach students especially those from a diverse background 


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