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Last updated: March 20, 2019

Education they say is the best legacy, and there can never be a limit to the level of education attainable by anyone. In other words, there is always room for improvement. Like every other learning degree, a master’s degree is awarded to people who have reached a commendable stage in the pursuit of academic viability, however, this set of people have demonstrated an unquestionably outstanding mastery and excellence in their chosen field of study. Having passed through a series of tests and academic rigors, these ones have proven themselves to be cradles of excellence in the paradigm of education. We can choose to call them champions, as they have edged out their contemporaries, and made a prudent decision in deciding to further their education.

It is possible that in the competitive labor market of today, a master’s degree is solely enough to earn one a place among the top earners and decision makers, and taking nothing for granted, that is the case. No wonder that I consider the benefits of a master’s degree to me, in terms of more career opportunities. The reality is that, a master’s degree can do no harm, as it would certainly give me more value to employers, and add more credence to my resume. It would undoubtedly make me more attractive and presentable, and also equip me with adequate knowledge and experience to handle demanding tasks that come with high profile jobs. The fact that I can pursue a master’s degree in a subject not the same as my bachelor’s degree, also gives me a wider scope of employment opportunities.To the issue of my Law Enforcement Agency, and how my master’s degree would add more vantage. It is clear that any Law Enforcement Agency would require people of high educational standing and wits, to be able to tackle effectively the increasing rates of crime and social vices. In these days of terrorism and natural disasters, a Law Enforcement Agency should be steps ahead in their investigations and maintenance of law and order, as different forms of criminals emerge every day.

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As the saying goes that “a good battle is fought on the drawing table”, one cannot underestimate the importance of proper planning and tactics. In true terms, upholding peace and security go beyond effective planning and tactics, and include efficient administrative processing, policy making, service monitoring and regulation  and non the least, education and awareness campaigns. All these can come in a single package- a master’s degree holder.

Finally, I guess by now that I have established outside reasonable doubts that a master’s degree is a necessity for merit- driven workers like me, who choose to stand out in their areas of specialization, and become emblems of proficiency in today’s battle ground of minds and   ideas. These are people who are confident in their abilities, and possess an unquenchable thirst for advancement in knowledge and practical definition of concepts. These people are brave to tackle any matter, and almost never give excuses probably because they always deliver. Find out from the great achievers of today, they have been there before and I am quite sure they have enjoyed every bit of it. Though the costs are cut out, one would soon realize that the rewards far outweigh the costs.


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