Some people may have not realized the importance of education in their respective lives. Most of the time, when students are asked which part of school life do they value most, they will say that the camaraderie they used to have with their friends is the most memorable. It seems that students fail to notice that even though schools give great value to unity or solidarity of students, imparting knowledge and wisdom remains its primary purpose. To promote values like friendship and unity is only the secondary goal. As for me, I have seen past the joy of having school friends. I appreciate it greatly and I admitted that it is an aspect of school that I always look forward to, but more than that I am thankful for the education that my past schools have imparted to me.

I believe that with the wisdom they shared, I am handed an impenetrable shield that will protect me from all forms of trials that may prevent me from achieving my goal. Also, with the training which honed my skills and intellectual capacities, I am gifted with the weapon that can break through barriers that I may encounter on the way to achieving greatness for myself.Now, as I embark to farther academic destination I try to see in both realistic and imaginative perspective the endless probabilities that my preferred major and school can give me. I know that Seoul National University Law School is an institution that prides itself in Korea as well as in other parts of the world.

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I also believe that Legal Studies specially taken from the said school will open for me not only one, but numerous windows of opportunity.Acquiring a Legal Studies degree can help me achieve my maximum potential. It can help me become familiar with legal ideas or concepts. It will also introduce me to the many aspects of legal institutions. More importantly, it will familiarize me with the complexities of legal process.Legal Studies is meant to serve as a tool for logical appraisal of the process of law and the policies behind it.

It is generally grounded on the perspective that law and justice has humanistic tradition and pursuing it promotes maintained contemplation on basic human values. Some people may find this irrelevant to daily life. However, if taken closely, the major actually presents to the people the factor in life which affects all activities.Law provides and prohibits people from committing anything illegal. Basically, it keeps life and all its particulars in balance. As such, I find that studying the process behind that which gives life balance is important.  It can help me see in a wider perspective and it will also aid me in understanding things better. For me, this is an excellent aspect of the course as I believe that having a deeper knowledge about something that most people find irrelevant is always rewarding.

Although some people find less use for the atypical or the uncommon, I see being unique means being the only one capable. It also means that I will become the only option for the job. With this and the knowledge that my previous school experiences has given me, I become not the only option, but also the only excellent option for the job.Legal Studies for some may not be a very good option because some may view it as a very difficult course to take.

However, I find this characteristic as an asset of the major rather than a liability. It is for me an excellent reason to apply in the course, instead of taking an easier major. The difficulty of the course for me is a challenge to my capability to adjust to the challenges and pressure. It will also help me in exploring how much mental potential I possess. I believe that with a complicated major, I can maximize all that I have worked for during high-school. Through it, I can also show how my earlier experiences have equipped me with enough knowledge and wisdom, as well as values to face hardships. In addition, graduating with a difficult major brings more pride to me and my parents who worked for my studies.

As the saying goes, the best burns the brightest when situations are at their worst. As I apply in this major, I am putting myself in a sticky situation; and as I finish, I know that I will be emerging as a victor.

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