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Last updated: February 26, 2019

In the essay of Elly Bulkin; Breaking a Cycle, she detailed how we are in constant struggle with anti-Semitism and racism in our daily lives.

She narrated how unfortunate it was that there is constant struggle to live at par despite the walls of religion race and other differences. It has been duly expressed that it is a tragedy that not we now not only face with problems of inequality, but more importantly, those who are in battle to fight against discrimination about their minority group is also at a losing battle of discriminating against other groups of minorities also. One good example would the black Americans in struggle to fight for equality and yet they are not one with the struggle of Africans in their struggle to gain respect and proper living conditions in Africa.What was more focused on in this essay would be the division of men in color and the Jews especially in the aspect of anti-Semitism.

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It has been evident in stated examples that there has been more prejudice by colored men that white men toward the Jews. Perhaps it has been rooted in the history of the two groups but it is still quite unfortunate that the two groups cannot unite in the battle against discrimination since they should both know how it feels to be discriminated against in one way or another.Elly Bulkin didn’t really focus on the steps that we need to take in order to eradicate such difference since she knew that this has been a deep rooted issue that can never have over-night solution.

Elly Bulkin emphasized the need to have it known and re-echoed that such issue does exist and steps can be taken to slowly remove the unfortunate situation.In the end of it all what should always hold most importance is to find common ground to find justice and equity in our day to day living. We have to keep in mind that despite differences, we are all the same. Specially for the battle of race and religion, its is never enough to just sit back and see war erupt infront of you, we should do something to try to stop it.


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