Why employees have little involvement in the decision making process?

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Last updated: February 8, 2019

Decision-making is an essential aspect of any business. A good decision must be effective and efficient. To formulate a good decision, the decision maker must have fine information and experience in understanding information.

Consultation is an important factor for decision making. Looking at the outlook and expertise of professional colleagues benefits decision making. The lower level employees are also surveyed to determine their effective output. (Xiao, 2009)Decision making can be considered good when it is objective.

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A decision should hold no bias for any person. To support decision-making, various techniques are used to reduce subjectivity. Some of these techniques which aids objectivity are to make information understandable and drastically scrutinize, and to append numerical and objective accuracy to decision-making.

It is difficult to create objective decisions for any business. Not all of the employees can come up with a good decision for the present and future of the business. To create good decision, one must be strong wherein they should not be affected by snide comments or criticism. Criticism and fear suppresses risk-taking and creativity which may upset the effectiveness of the business in the market. (Wittenberg, 2007) People that will have to make good decision should not be affected by those. Because of this, managers are trained to make enhanced decisions. They are trained to overlook tactical decision making. They are skilled in being objective in creating decisions.

An employee who does not have proper training in management is not fit to create decision. If an unskilled employee in the field of management is to make a decision for the company, the problems that entails decision making could easily affect him. There problems why regular employees have little involvement in decision making. Some of the problems that involves decision making is criticism and biasness. Other factors that hinder any regular employee for business decision making would be their lack of expertise in their certain department.

(Wittenberg, 2007)Criticism clouds a person’s judgment. If a person does not accept or is easily affected by criticism then he is not appropriate to create business decision. Biasness is also a factor why any regular employee cannot make sound decision for the business. A good decision must be fair and just. It should not be one sided in which one part of the decision is in favor of the other. A regular employee cannot participate in making a good decision for a department of the business if it is not his expertise. A decision may cover higher skills than a regular employee has. For example, in a shoe factory, a shoe machinery employee has little to contribute to a decision for the general advertisement strategies of the business.

(Xiao, 2009)Most of the decision making is done by the top levels of the business. The Board of Directors or owners of the business make substantial strategic decisions such as investments and guidance of forthcoming growth. Managers make the tactical decisions for their own department. They examine effective policies for their department which contribute to the general business objectives.

On the other hand, ordinary employees are expected to follow the decisions made by the higher ups. A decision cannot be considered good when it is not followed by the employees. However, regular employees can make small decisions for their work place. They can propose suggestions to the higher officials how to improve their work. For example, additional work tools or overtime pays. (Facion & Facion, 2007)There are a lot of tough decisions for a business to make. To make good decision, it must be made objectively and not affected by criticism.

It should also be grasp the expertise of the person that will make the decision. Managers are hired for decision making because they are the ones capable on determining it and because of this, regular employees has little to do with it and can contribute by following good decisions made by the managers.


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