Entertainments Legacy of Purpose

Zorba the Greek, the movie and it’s status in the film industry became the beginning of the  “classical movies”.  The 1964 merger of domestic and international filming was due to the cooperation between the English and Greek societies thus resulting in several academy awards.

  The similarities in the identity of the character and their representation in Don Quixote and Zorba the Greek. The  characters and the self derived purpose from those that they inspire. Such as the medieval remembrance of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, because of the polarity and duality that is the exhibited in their balance in relationships.The efforts of the medieval character and their personal efforts to conquer their self derived mission. Their attempts to emulate the heroes of the time where the result of their own insanity or misperceived attempts. This could be viewed in the effort to conquer the summit of the mountain with only the  engineering and technology that was available at the time.

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  The results of a doctor and an inebriated elder that had something to prove to the mountain.  The inferences of the Greek religion and Mt. Olympus are similar to human’s desire to conquer the limitation of their surroundings.  Conquering the summit for personal motivation is similar to Don Quixote “conquering the dragons”.The attempt’s of nations to achieve the cooperation of the English cultures returning to their culture that is derived from the Greek society and their legacy by filming together.  The efforts of a doctor that is trained by the Hippocratic oath and the his contribution to helping his friend complete his objective.  The accomplishments of mythical characters of Don Quixote and their legacy, Zorbia the Greek and his attempts to conquer his limitation and achieve the summit of the god’s abode. These efforts are similar to the film industry as it has brought the next generation of stories to be remembered through humanities attempts to conquer its domain and fears.

The identity of each culture that is derived from the personal efforts to alleviate the plight of society by conquering the evil that threatens mankind.  The achievement and contribution of society as aquifers, windmills, and the film industry are lasting reminder that civilization is working to have the polarity draw upon the need and the attention that is required by their surroundings.Works CitedDon Quixote.  

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