Entrepreneurship Development Cell (Edc): a Step Towards the Delivery of Technology and Innovation for Social Transformation

Entrepreneurship development cell (EDC): A step towards the delivery of technology and innovation for social transformation.

ANIL RANJAN SINHA PGDM (RM) XAVIER INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT BHUBANESWAR (ODISHA) Abstract: Technology is the mother of all innovations and innovation leads to the growth of economy. Technology based innovations not only provide a source for income generation but also promotes entrepreneurship and thus provide job opportunities and help in the development of the infrastructure of an economy.This paper examines the development and social diffusion of technological innovation for a social change by the educational institutes. How these institutions provide a platform for establishment of a technology based innovation for the social transformation of the society.

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How innovations have been developed in the interactive processes among technology, market and social context.On the basis of certain case studies as boosted and incubated by the educational institutes for innovation in educational, agricultural, health care and livelihood sector, this paper investigates innovation processes within social contexts and the role of innovation actors such as government institutions, private sector, students and citizens in the development and diffusion of innovation.The case study includes institutes like IIT KGP, BIT MESRA and management institute like XIMB and studies their role in the development, promotion, financing and marketing aspects for a successful establishment of a social venture. The role of such institutions in social transformation was measures on certain parameters which includes the market penetration, consumer reach, demand and its impact on general masses.The research was accompanied by a number of healthy discussions, survey and some open questionnaire based on the institution, start-ups and its market.

Through these cases it is shown how innovations in education, agriculture, health care and livelihood could be developed under social contexts utilising ‘open innovation’ frameworks. The cases also show how end-users can participate in the innovation processes and how the government has played its role to meet the challenges in this path.Finally, the paper is expected to provide answers to the questions like What is the role of technology in social change, the kind of capabilities our research and educational institutes must develop to produce a new technology and how such the enterprises and models transfer technologies for social transformation Besides, it also suggests implications to accelerate and increase innovations for social welfare and social change. —————————————————————————————————————-

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