Equus By Peter Shaffer Introductory Paragraph Introduce main characters such as: Dysart, Hesther Salomon, Alan Strang, Frank and Dora Strang, Jill Mason. Give significance of the relationship between Dysart and Alan.

The home of Alan Strang can effect the normalcy of his life if religion is taken away from him. Alan Strang’s way of of what God is to him; Alan’s parents way of raising a child is different in the home than publicly. Sex plays a role in Alan’s way of lifeAlan makes a spiritual connection with the horses, especially Nugget, and try to achieve sexual ecstasy. Equus, the “Holy of all holiest”, is a God so Alan and he tries to give satisfaction to his God. Dora Strang gave him the idea about Equus since she is a religious women and mother. Frank Strang disapproves of his wife giving him beliefs and “shenanigans” into his son’s brain.

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The picture of Equus at the foot of Alan’s bed; obsession. Alan’s ritual displayed in his room while his father was watching behind the door.Commentary; insert quotation Insert quotation about Frank’s experience of Alan’s strange behavior in his bedroom Religion What is God to Alan? Alan’s mom put beliefs into his mind and somehow intertwine with his father’s replacement of a picture about Jesus Insert quotation: Frank replacing picture with a horse which is relating to Equus Dora side of the story about the picture with Dysart personally and not aware of Frank Alan’s parents being role models to their illiterate sonInsert quote about Alan’s response about Equus being the holiest and compare it to Nugget Commentary Explain why this is happening to Alan; Sins The incident that happened in the horse stable with Alan and Jill; blinded six horses Alan and Jill went to a rated-R movie and Frank caught them red-handed; Jill and Alan went straight to the barn and started to get sexual During the “activity”, Alan began to feel like his is betraying the horses or Equus due to his sinful act.Blinds them in return; Dysart looks into himself and see if he wants to get Alan back to the normal world. Explain Dysart’s decision of either trying to get Alan into the reality of the world Conclusion Insert quotation of critics of Shaffer’s work and relate them to the topics Reveal Dysart’s conclusion of what he wants to do with Alan. Give extra facts or evidence to support your topics. Bio about the authors work of Equus

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