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Last updated: February 27, 2019

Ernest Hemingway’s writing has intrigued me since I discovered his writing style was simple yet his subject matter is refined.  I enjoy reading novels more if I can understand the message which the author is trying to get across and do not so much like reading material that is so dense and verbose that the author’s message is completely lost on me.  Since Hemingway is reported to have written about relationship and man’s identity with a theme of nature I know I will like reading The Sun Also Rises.Another reason this book seems accessible is that I have a fondness for the natural landscape and the jacket cover of this book and some of the reviews I read online refer to bullfighting in Spain as well as fishing.  I know that there are many metaphors which can be interpreted from landscape as a background to the emotional struggle and independence which may come about from reading such a novel as The Sun Also Rises.

The fact that Hemingway titled the book The Sun Also Rises makes me think that no matter the struggle which the main character Jake or Brett will interpret, pass, or grow from the title reassures the reader that perhaps the novel will end on a note of hope.  I know that this may be misleading or the characters may become cynical because of the situations with each other, love, and friendship which they will endure, and grow, but the title, nevertheless, tells me as a reader that there is that hope at the end of the journey.  Although this hope may not be the destined joy which each character may want or desire it is still hope, and thus, any cynicism which the main characters may portray the title suggests that the author places that hope with the characters despite themselves.Although I have not read much Hemingway (a short story perhaps) the theme of the book in dealing with natural landscape and personal metaphor is one by which I will definitely find some meaning and significance. 

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