Ethical Dilemma

” There are four different approachs that serve as a criteria for ethical decision making. The moral-rights approach is the ethical concept that moral decisions are those that best maintain the rights of those people affected by them.Also, there is the concept of corporate social responsibility which means the obligation of an organisation management to take decisions in the welfare of society and the organisation as well.

In this senario, moral-righs and corporate social responsibility should be considered. In taking the moral-rights approach he can explain to the vice president that this will avoid interfering with the fundamental rights of others . Also that a moral-rights approach, would show that the organisation believes in protecting the rights of people who could be affected by them.In the event that they under take this project it may avoiding having a negative impact on the organisation. This is so because the economy is already in a economic downturn and decisions made should improve the organisations status in terms of profitability. So in taking a moral-rights approach could ensure the success of the venture.

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It should be brought to the vice president’s attention, should they adopt a corporate social responsibility role, the company is looking out for the environment and the economy. This would be useful to them because if the economy takes a greater down turn it could have an adverse effect on them.So by providing voluntary pro-pollution reduction strategies may produce a motivating factor to the consumers to support the company. The argument could be presented that societal norms and values could affect sales in an organisation. So the organisation should show an interest in the welfare of the society. Moral-rights approach and corporate social responsibilty both have the concept of maintaining the rights and protecting the interst of others or society.

Using these concepts could contribute to an organisations success.

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