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Last updated: February 3, 2019

Business Issues and the Context of Human Resources… Executive Summary Organisations normally operate as private business, public services and voluntary or welfare organisations.

HCL is a privately owned Indian Technology Company with more than 50,000 employees worldwide. Following the European economic recession, the company is currently going through a “parivartan” project to integrate the NI operation with Indian operation in terms of systems and processes. The emphasis is on cost cutting; the company also has to address high attrition and increasing unplanned absenteeism.HCL follows the ethos of Employee first and has a management of change where both key clients and Indian Head Office have established a communication plan to address the reduced turnover and other areas of concern. Introduction… The aim of this report is to investigate the impact of changing economic climate on the company which will include both the internal and external factors and the company’s and HR dept’s response to these issues both in short and long term.HCL is the largest outsourced contact centre in Ireland and provides sales and customer service in telecom, banking and publication. We will analyse the impact of OFCOM regulations, other legal, environmental and international factors affecting the organisation as well as the restrictions imposed by both key clients and Indian head office.

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We will then go on to making recommendations for improving the company’s performance and profit. Our Organisation, the Management Functions within it, how the HR Function is organised and how performance is measured… Our Organisation:-HCL’s business process outsourcing (BPO) function is based in Northern Ireland and is the largest contact centre in Ireland. It has 1500 employees across two sites in NI i. e. Belfast and Armagh. The Company provides sales and customer service in telecom, banking and publication. Management Functions within it:- 1. Sales and Customer Service which functions in the following | | |Senior Sales/Service Delivery Manager (SSDM) | | | | |4 Sales /Service Delivery Managers (SDM) | | | | | |10 Team Leaders | | | |10 Associate Team Leaders | |(Do flexible management role as required) | | | 2o Advisors per Team Leader | 2.

Facilities Manager – works with 2 team members. 3. Technology Manager – works with 6 team members. 4. HR Manager and the HR Team. 5.

Payroll Manager with a member. 6. Finance Department includes 4 members. # The Management structure has just very recently changed to eliminate a level of management entirely i. e.

the performance managers. How HR Function is organised… The Human Resource Department in the organisation is


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