Examining Luther's Ninety-Five Theses

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Examining Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses Let Christians be more confident of entering heaven when they’ve gone through the many hard times they will face. Instead many Christians have the frame of mind that everything is going to be fine when indeed it is not. Therefore, they have engaged in a false assurance of peace because of their not realizing that they need to endure the many trials yet to come before they can rejoice in knowing that their place is waiting for them in heaven.Catholic’s believed that if they had given a certain amount of money to the church they would be absolved from their sins, however, Luther wrote that preaching that the soul flies out of purgatory immediately the money chinks in the bottom of the chest was wrong. Reason being why Luther thought this practice was wrong was because from a biblical stand point, the bible says that Jesus Christ paid our penance once and for all on the cross. Luther believed there is nothing that we can do as sinners to add or subtract from that payment accept believe in Jesus to be saved from our sins.Luther, being the founder of the Protestant religion wanted to reform the Catholic Church.

His stance in the reform was to put an end to the buying and selling of items from the people of the Catholic church for a penance “a get out of hell free card,” or spend less time in purgatory. Luther had the opportunity to speak out, letting the people know that the pope does not have the ability or the power to absolve anyone of their sins. The Catholic Church taught that an individual could gain favor with God by what were called “good works. Luther believed that he, as a sinner, was condemned in the eyes of God and that nothing could help him. Despite doing many good works, Luther found no peace of mind. Luther was sent to Rome to make an appeal to the head of the Augustinian order which was the result of an argument within the order itself.

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The head of the order was expected to a make a decision. While in the center of Christianity, Luther used the opportunity to show his love of God when he climbed the Santa Scala on his knees. He found no peace and in fact he eturned to Wittenburg in even more torment.

Luther states in his theses that a Christian who claims to buys off souls or purchases “confessional licenses,” has no need to repent of their own sins, is not in accordance to the Christian doctrine. Luther was so terrified of the possibility of his own damnation that he sought two passages from the bible that spoke directly to him, and they are: Romans 1:17, and Romans 3:24. Romans 1:17 says; For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written, “He who through faith is righteous shall live. Romans 3:24 says They are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption which is in Christ, Jesus. Luther understood that salvation was by God’s grace through faith that it is not of him self or of works, that it is a gift of God, so that no one could boast. By writing his theses, his approach to theology soon led to a dispute between Luther and Catholic Church officials.

What was at stake was Luther being cast out of the Catholic Church all together. Luther was condemned and excommunicated by the pope.When in the late 1520’s the pope finally acted, it was to late; Luther had been given the time needed to promote his views. He proclaimed that the pope was the Antichrist and that the Church was the most lawless den of robbers, the most shameful of all brothels, and the very kingdom of sin, death, and hell. When the pope sent Luther’s excommunication to him, Luther burned it. His very life was at stake in Germany.

In 1521, Charles V, the holy roman emperor and devout Catholic, inviting Luther to Worms, Germany, giving him a pass of safe conduct.There he was to answer two charges of heresy both ecclesiastical and civil offenses. On his journey, Luther received a warm public response from great crowds of people. Standing before the emperor and his court, Luther was supposed to withdraw. Therefore, because he did not withdraw his statement of faith, his most famous statement saying “unless I am convinced of error by the testimony of scripture or by clear reason… I cannot and will not withdraw anything for it is neither safe or honest to act against ones conscience. God help me.

” Shortly after the confrontation with the emperor, Luther went into hiding to scape arrest. The fate of Luther’s death was upon him after suffering great strain from the traveling, he was 63 when he died. In conclusion to this viewpoint, Luther knew that Jesus Christ was the way, the truth and the life.

Attempting to convince the Catholic Church what he discovered, they to action upon Luther and attempted to arrest him for his heresy. Even though Luther died within the strain of travel and escape, he still made a large impact on the protestant reformation and has influenced many denominations of Churches to this day.


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