Example research essay topic: A Kiss That Embodies Love – 468 words

“A Kiss That Embodies Love” Gustav Klimt’s “TheKiss” has been close to my heart for the pastseven years. To me this artwork represents anembodiment of true love because the imagerepresents what I consider to be traditionalromantic love. The male figure appears protectiveof the woman, yet he also seems nurturing. Thefemale figure has the soft femininity of atraditional woman, yet she appears to be an equalcontributor to the relationship as well as to thepainting; neither the man nor the womanpredominates. “The Kiss” conveys this to methrough the color and shape detail, the embrace ofthe lovers, and it’s romantic theme. The colorsused in the image are not the traditional colorsof love.Reds, purples, and pinks are replacedwith an abundance of golds, browns, and greens.

Many reproductions of “The Kiss” are colored witha glimmery shine that captures and demands theattention of the viewer. The rich fall colorsrepresent a harmony between the extremes of summerand winter, as the painting is a balance betweenthe extremes of lust and hatred: true love. Theshapes Klimt chose to define the man and woman issquares and circles. There is no distinction ofwhere the their bodies end and begin except wherethe squares and circles meet. The squaresrepresent the masculinity of man with rigid andexact form. Circles, in contrast, have thefemininity of a woman.

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Circles, like most women’semotions, are full and continuous: constant yet anongoing cycle. The circles are also opposite ofthe squares in relation to the faade of colors.Klimt filled the squares with dominating blacks,whites, and browns. The circles he filled with amore colorful array of greens, golds, and reds.The embrace and kiss between the lovers is gentleand enchanting. However, there is a hint ofabstractness in the way the heads are bent to theside in an unnatural fashion. The man’s face isnot as available as the woman’s.

What the viewersees of the man’s face is only a defined jawline,nose, and brow in profile.The woman’s face is afull frontal view capturing all of her features.The man is cupping the woman’s face in his bulkyhands as one of her frail hands touches one of hisassuring that he remains holding her. Afterresearching Klimt, I discovered that the paintingwas a portrait of himself and Danae, his truelove. This discovery reinforced my idea that “TheKiss” represents a true love; whether the loverepresents a “pure romantic” love or not remainsunknown. In any case, Klimt’s most well knownmasterpiece is a mystical, alluring, andintriguing piece. “The Kiss” leaves the vieweropen to relate his or her own personal view ofintimacy.




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