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… and three acquaintances come into Gene andFinny’s dorm and pull them out.

After they enteredthe Assembly Room, Brinker remarks, “You see howFinny limps.” This phrase was the beginning of hisplan to set the truth loose, or primarily breakthe friendship link between Finny and Gene.Brinker chose the Assembly Room as the setting forthis trial since there is nothing humorous aboutthe place. It is a place which would be terriblefor Gene’s sake to talk about the cause of theaccident. The second support is Brinker’s remarkin consociation to the accident. He says to Gene,”There is a war on, here’s one soldier our sidehas already lost.We’ve got to find out whathappened.

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” A powerful remark by Brinker whichignites the trial. This indicates a strong reasonfor the trial, Brinker uses this tactic to havethe truth let out. The truth that will undoubtedlybreak the strong bond between Finny and Gene. Thetruth in which will lead to another tragic fall ofFinny. The third support is during the trial whenBrinker and Gene are talking about the accident.Brinker asks Finny, “Have you ever thought thatyou didn’t just fall out of that tree?” Thisinquiry from Brinker sets Finny into a differentfocus, which will open up the accident, a focusthat will narrow it all down to Gene beingquestioned. These are the examples of Brinker’sinhumanity to let the truth loose.His focus isnot on just getting the truth out, but breakingFinny and Gene’s friendship.

The third point isabout when Leper calls Gene to visit him in hisVermont home and Gene runs away. This falls underthe Man’s Inhumanity to Man category because Generuns from Leper because he cannot face the factthat Leper has gone crazy. The support for this iswhen Leper tells Gene, “You always were the lordof the manor, weren’t you?” This statement is anexample of pushing Gene. It gets Gene upset.

Thenext support is Leper’s quote to Gene whichresulted in Gene’s physical outburst on Leper.Leper says “like the time you knocked Finny out ofthe tree.” This provokes Gene because it isreminding him of his inhumane action to Finny.Thus, resulting in Gene being inhumane to Leperand knocking him out of his chair.The finalsupport is when the scene finally ends.

Gene saysto Leper, “Do you think I want to hear everydetail, I don’t care what happened to you Leper.”This quote from Gene is after Leper explained tohim the details of his insanity. Gene cannot hearanymore of Leper’s talk about his insanity andruns away. This is the final argument in regardsto the involvement of Man’s Inhumanity to Man asthe theme in the story. Gene Forrester’s difficultjourney towards maturity and the adult world is amain character focus of this novel. Gene’s journeybegins the moment he pushes Finny from the treeand the process continues until he visits the treefifteen years later.Throughout this time, Genemust become self-aware, face reality and thefuture, confront his problems, as well as forgiveand accept the person that he is. With thejouncing of the limb, Gene realizes his problemsand the true person he is inside.

Fifteen yearslater, when revisiting the tree, he finallyaccepts and forgives himself. This journey is along and painful one. At the end of this long andwinding road filled with ditches, difficulties andproblems, Gene emerges a mature adult. Genejounces the limb and causes Finny’s fall and atthat moment becomes aware of his inner-self andlearns of his true feelings.This revelation comesto him back in his room before he and Finny leavefor the tree.

It surrounds him with the shock ofhis true self until he finally reacts by jouncingthe limb. Up in the tree, before the two friendsare about to make their “double-jump”, Gene seesFinny in this new light. He realizes that Finnyfeels no jealousy or hatred towards him and thatFinny is indeed perfect in every way.

Gene becomesaware that only he is the jealous one. He learnsof his animosity and that he really is a “savageunderneath”.Over a long period of time Gene hadbeen denying his feelings of hatred towards Finny,saying that it was normal for him to feel thisway. Now all of the feelings come back to him andhe sees how terrible he really is. After therealization of the person he truly is, in his roomand up in the tree, Gene must now confront hisproblems, face reality, and deal with the future.He must learn that communication is very importantin a relationship and that he must express himselfinstead of keeping his feelings inside, as he hadalways done with Finny.

He must learn to listen tohimself rather than to others. These were just afew of the many problems there were in hisrelationship with Finny. He must face reality andacknowledge the fact that he isn’t as great asFinny, that he is his own individual person andthat Finny isn’t as perfect as he thought.Genemust accept the guilt for Finny’s difficultiesafter his injury and must help Finny as apunishment and act of repentance for his deed.Gene does this by “giving a part of himself toFinny” as we see with the case of sportsthroughout the rest of the novel – how Gene”becomes” Finny when it comes to sports. Althoughthe above are all of great importance, thegreatest hurdle Gene must overcome is learning tolive with what he’s done. This painful step is theone which will allow him to completely mature. Thefinal stage of Gene’s maturation is hisself-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

He has toaccept that he isn’t perfect and that he, like anyother normal being (even Finny), has faults.Accepting that his innocence has been lost helpsGene move on into another part of his life andrealize that he can never return to the days ofhis innocent youth again. He can now become a man,enter the war and adult world and leave his youthbehind.

Forgiving himself is the step which allowsGene to lead a normal life and enter society. Hemust finally forgive himself completely for hisblind act and allow himself to “come in out of therain”. By accepting as well as forgiving theperson that he is, Gene enables himself to move onand join the adult world. Gene’s maturation is apainful and difficult process that reveals adarker side of Gene that he doesn’t necessarilywish to see. However painful, Gene is made abetter person during his maturation through hissuffering. Through his pain and awful revelationsabout himself, Gene matures from an insecure childto a self-knowledgeable adult.

The significantquote that I chose for “A Separate Peace,” is whenBrinker says to Gene: “There is a war on, here’sone soldier our side has already lost. We’ve gotto find out what happened.” This remark relates tome because is determining and shows leadership. Heis determined to find out what happened and hewill do whatever it takes to find out even if hehas to break up a friendship. I would have donethe same thing. If I had a friend, and he or shewas intentionally pushed from a tree becausesomeone was jealous of him or her, I would becomeangry and agitated until I got to the bottom ofit. Bibliography:.

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