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.. lows Huck freedom, but he does it in a loving,rather than an uncaring, fashion.

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Thus, early intheir relationship on Jackson’s Island, Huck saysto Jim on page 76, “This is nice. I wouldn’t wantto be nowhere else but here.” 5. Before the novelbegins, Huck Finn has led a life of absolutefreedom. His drunken and often missing fathernever paid much attention to him; his mother wasdead and when the novel began, Huck was not usedto following any rules.The book’s opening findsHuck living with the Widow Douglas and her sister,Miss Watson. Both women were fairly old and werereally somewhat incapable of raising a rebelliousboy like Huck Finn.

Nevertheless, they attempt tomake Huck into what they believed would be abetter boy. As Huck said, they wanted to”sivilize” him. Huck, who had never followed manyrules in his life, found the demands the womenplaced upon him constraining and the life lonely.As result, soon after he first moves in with them,he ran away.

He soon came back, but even though hebecame somewhat comfortable with his new life asthe months go by, Huck never really enjoys thelife of manners, religion, and education that theWidow and her sister imposed upon him.Then, Huckbelieves he will find some freedom with TomSawyer. Huck is eager to join Tom Sawyer’s Gangbecause he feels that doing so will allow him toescape the boring life he leads with the WidowDouglas. Unfortunately, such an escape does notoccur. Tom Sawyer promises robbing stages,murdering and ransoming people, kidnappingbeautiful women, but none of this happens. Huckfinds out too late that Tom’s adventures areimaginary. Another person who tries to get Huck tochange is pap.Pap’s appearance reflects hisfeelings, as he demands that Huck quit school,stops reading, and avoids church.

Huck is able tostay away from pap for a while, but pap kidnapsHuck three or four months after Huck starts tolive with the Widow and takes him to a lonelycabin deep in the Missouri woods. Here, Huckenjoys the freedom that he had prior to thebeginning of the book. But Huck begins to becomedissatisfied with this life and Huck soon realizesthat he will have to escape from the cabin if hewishes to remain alive.

As a result of hisconcern, Huck makes it appear as if he is killedin the cabin while pap is away, and leaves to goto a remote island in the Mississippi River,Jackson’s Island. Then, his adventure down theMississippi begins.It is after he leaves hisfather’s cabin that Huck joins yet anotherimportant influence in his life: Miss Watson’sslave, Jim.

Soon after joining Jim on Jackson’sIsland, Huck begins to realize that Jim has moretalents and intelligence than Huck has been awareof. The first encounter they came upon was theisland itself, in which they explored thoroughly.From there, they reached their first problem,which was trying to escape from Hucks father andfriends, and then travel to St. Petersburg. In St.

Petersburg, Huck disguises himself as a woman inorder to disguise his identity, but the woman hemeets soon realizes he is just a man in trouble.From there, Huck and Jim lose the boat and traveldown the river until they come upon a wreck andsome fog, where Huck loses their raft once more.The next big event was in Arkansaw when Huck andJim encounter a farmhouse. Soon, Huck goes up tothe house and enters it, only being greeted by afeudal family.Huck spends a few days their,experiencing the feud between two families andfinally escapes one night to go back to Jim by theriver. Now, the two drift down the river oncemore, only to find two men who were soon to betheir new companions: the duke and the king.

Allfour of them set out to different towns, conningthe townspeople into seeing ridiculous plays.However, the duke and the king got away with itand earned a great deal of money. While goingthrough one town, the town drunk, Boggs, came intothe picture and was shot by Colonel Sherburn.

Thisstirred up the town and the people confronted theColonel at his house, only to be turned away.Towards the end of the novel, the four meet upwith a stranger who tells of a dead man, PeterWilks. This gives the duke and the king a greatidea to change their identity to a relative of Mr.Wilks and con his family for money.

Mr. Wilkssister was persuaded and the king had the money inhis possession, until Huck took it and hid it.Huck finally confessed to hiding the money and thetownsmen went to try to recover it. While doingso, Huck escapes once more. Soon, Huck encountersTom Sawyers aunt, and Huck portrays to be Tom.

However, this only creates more problems. Jim iscaptured and is held in a little hut, and Tomcomes to help Huck free him. Jim gets free afterdays and days of hard work, but Tom gets shot andJim finds a doctor for him.Eventually, Tomconfesses to his aunt about the lie and Huck willsoon live with Toms aunt, whom he dislikes. One ofthe main symbols in the novel was the MississippiRiver. It was a symbol from the start of Hucksadventure until the end. What makes it a symbol isthat it was an opening for Hucks escape and gavehim the opportunity to explore the country and befree. In other words, it was his course forself-discovery and the source of danger, delight,and meditation.

Another symbol in the novel wasthe fog in chapter fifteen.Since Huck and Jim hadjust begun their adventure, any obstacles thatthey encounter will be treacherous for them. Well,the fog was a symbol of one of these obstacles inwhich Huck and Jim had to pass in order toadvance. However, it took patience and Huck reallyhad to dig down inside himself and stay calm orelse a disaster would have occurred. So this fogsymbolized a warning and there would be many morewarnings to come.

The third symbol in the novelwas the feud between the two families in Arkansas:the Grangerfords and the Shepherdson. During theCivil War, the south was prominent for startingmany feuds with the federates as well as othersoutherners.The south had often taken a feud fromseveral years ago and kept the feud alive. The twofamilies in this novel did the same. One familykilled a member of the other family, so the otherfamily killed a member of the first family inorder to get pay back. Eventually, the two wentback and forth, creating a feud, which symbolizeshow the Civil War had taken place.

In TheAdventures of Huckleberry Finn, the story was toldthrough the eyes of Huck Finn, the main characterin the novel. Thus, the point of view was the 1stperson because Huck had narrated the story whilebeing a character in the novel.Throughout thenovel, I had read the word I at least a thousandtimes because that is all Huck talked about:himself and what is happening around him. But thatis only normal because he cannot tell of otherthings unless he sees them or hears about them, sohe can only say what happens in his own view.There are countless quotes I can use to prove mystatement, but here are a couple that are said byHuck as he narrates the story: I dont know howlong I was asleep, but all of a sudden there wasan awful scream and I was up. There was paplooking wild, and skipping around every which wayand yelling about snakes. They went off and I gotaboard the raft, feeling bad and low, because Iknowed very well I had done wrong, and I see itwarnt no use for me to Bibliography:.


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