Example research essay topic: All Through The Night – 753 words

It was December 3rd, and Father Monsingnor Ferriswent about his rounds of locking up the church.However, he did not know that Lenny, a skilledburglar, was waiting in the confessional until themoment Father Ferris left. He had come to steal achalice with a star-shaped diamond and the dailycollection of money. He got what he wanted andattempted to Meanwhile, an eighteen year old girlwho had just given birth to a newborn baby decidedthat she really was not able to take care of thisbaby. A few hours after the birth of the child ina hotel room, she grabbed the baby, a stroller,formula, and blankets and dropped the baby offoutside the church. Her plan was to get to a payphone as soon as possible and make a call to therectory telling them about the baby that she haddropped off. When Lenny ran out of the church, hesaw the stroller and took it thinking that it wasabandoned, just so he would not look suspiciouswhen the cops would show up.

The cops past rightby him, but as soon as Lenny got back to theapartment he found a surprise in the stroller. Itwas a baby girl! When Lenny’s aunt heard the babycrying, she came in to see why there was a baby inthe house. Lenny told her that he had this babywith another girl who left him and the baby. Hisaunt (Nonna) grew very close to the child, namingit Stellina and caring for her. She mainly raisedStellina by Then seven years later, just beforeChristmas, a couple named Alvirah and Willy arebusy helping Sister Cordelia put on a Christmaspageant at the after-school shelter. The home baseprogram is threatened to be shut down, so theyneed to find a new place to have it.

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The perfectplace would be the mayor’s old house, but when hiswife died her will said that her sister got thehouse. Her sister was gladly going to give up thehouse for the home base program, but the conartist tenants made a fake will and signedBessie’s name. In their fake will they said thatthe house would go to the tenants. Alvirah, acrime solver, found out that the will was a fake,so Bessie’s sister got the house and donated it tothe home base program. Soon, Alvirah gets involvedin the mystery of the chalice and the child. Whilewatching the Christmas play at home base shenotices something about the little girl who wasplaying the Blessed Mother.What she could notremember was that she looked exactly like Sondra,the girl who had confessed only to Alvirah thatwhen that baby was left outside the rectory, thatwas her baby.

Alvirah promised her that she wouldhelp her look for her seven year old girl, andSondra’s daughter was right in front of herplaying Mary, and she didn’t even know it. ThenAlvirah linked the baby with the stolen chaliceand decided that whoever stole the chalice musthave grabbed the stroller too. It finally came toher attention that “Mary” was the missing sevenyear old baby when Stellina brought the chalicethat her dad (Lenny) had stolen from the church.She instantly knew that it was Stellina, butbefore she could talk to her and tell her that sheknew where her real mother Once at home, herfather came in, slammed the door, and ordered forStellina to follow him. The cops knew that he wasthe one who stole the chalice and took the baby.He was pretending to hold Stellina hostage, so thepolice would not shoot him on the way to his carto make his get away.

Lenny shoved Stellina intothe car, but she opened the passenger side doorand jumped out and ran to the cop cars because shethought that he was going to hurt her.Lenny wasarrested, but now Stellina was missing. They foundStellina walking along the road trying to get tothe hospital where her Nonna was. Alvirah calledSondra and told her to come as fast as she couldto the hospital because her daughter and the womenwho raised Stellina all of these years were there.

Sondra came and saw her daughter for the firsttime in seven years. Sondra and her daughter gotto know each other more and Bibliography:.



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