Excessive Noise in Classrooms

I admit that noise is already a part of our everyday lives; it is that non-melodic tune that strikes our ears. Some are already used to it, but some are still bugged by it. We all have our break points, according to science our pain threshold due to noise is 137. 5 decibels, that is about 200 Pascal over your ear drum. In comparison to diving without ear plugs, its like diving to 100 ft. imagine how much pressure is that.Many revolutionary home appliances today introduced models that are noise-free, like in air conditioners; before air conditioners used to sound like a rattle, but now we can sleep in the comfort of the noise free air conditioner. Many of those appliances that are remodeled to reduce noise contribute to the welfare of our society.

Proven studies show that a noisy environment promotes violence, aggressiveness, and imbalance. On the other hand a serene environment produces focus, harmony, and peace.As the Chinese teaches there must be a balance between Yin and Yang. Noise is not negative all the time; it also helps us in our everyday life.

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A good example is our own alarm clocks, it wakes us up whenever we need to wake up. Noise can also be an early warning device, like in ticking bombs, car alarms, fire alarms, school bell and etc. Noise are sometimes used by people for protests, knowing that noise is irritating, they conduct noise barrage, for them to be noticed.At a school setting we often hear this phrase “Please keep quiet! ” specially in a classroom. A noisy class is described as a classroom with students speaking indistinctively in a very high volume. Teachers gets eerie when a class goes like this.

Lets go deeper on the root of the noise, the student; students have different personalities some are generally talkative, some are the ones who just talks back, and some are those who are quiet. I’ll be focusing on the talkative one, a student develops this characteristic due to many factors



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