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Last updated: March 20, 2019

Yoga class has been very refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Although it is a form of exercise, I didn’t find it tiring for it is very easy to do and you might not even notice that time passes by while doing it.

  Physically, I’ve been experiencing some positive outcomes from it. My blood pressure (from being elevated)  is now normal and my breathing is now from wheezy to okay. The pain I feel on my knees mildly subsided though in time, I feel through continued practice would soon be gone for good.Regarding its emotional effects, I realized that I handle stress better nowadays for I believe that it helped me loosen some tight joints and muscles around my neck and arms. I noticed that it also made me quite stronger for the muscle tensions are decreased. This made me relaxed and extremely comfortable. It also made me feel confident about my body since in the past, I always feel conscious and worried about it. Since I started Yoga class, I became more focused on my present life and more systematic on my time and duties.

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On the other hand, the facilities are also perfect for a Yoga class setting which makes the class even easier. The instructors helped a lot as well for they were all friendly and approachable. The environment is motivating and sets up the mood of everyone.Yoga is a very good solution to people suffering from many body pains including some that are related to the heart and respiratory organs. It is also a good exercise to people trying to loose weight and might even help them with their self esteem. In terms of emotional benefits, Yoga can help you handle stress and pressure, can give positive outlooks for you and may even help you change some unwanted attitudes.

It is very affordable and time flexible for you can do it anytime, anywhere. It is advisable for any age, and actually, the younger the better.  


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