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Last updated: May 25, 2019

In modern times, individual needs to be competent relatively to other people, because we cannot survive in our society if we do not have enough ability. This sort of competition has got harsher and harsher, thus all of the members in this society should improve their capability more and more. One of the ways to develop our ability is accumulating our knowledge linking to our work. There are several ways to gain that knowledge such as reading books, experiencing directly and so on.However, if someone wants to be more competent than other people, he or she should have far more knowledge than them. Therefore, I believe knowledge gained from books is more important thyan gained from experience.

First of all, we can reduce our errors and save time. If we know the exact ways to implement some work, we just need to follow the ways that we know. Every book related to our work can give us that avenues which are really unambiguous and easy to understand, because the authors of books are generally specialists in the field.This is the main function of books and it is the existent reason of the books. To read books and find the information are only what we should do. Modern society always needs time efficiency and accuracy, because time is directly linking to saving money. If we try to get knowledge from experience, we will make some errors and waste much time. In addition, we can cover wide range of the knowledge in shorter time.

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As I refered above, successful people generally have a lot more knowledge than othe people.Direct experience has limitations, because we do not have enough chance and time to try. When we have variety fields’ knowledge, we can magnify our creativity and widen our consideration of other people. Creativity and wide consideration of other people are one of the most crucial factors to be successful in this era. However, only with firsthand experience, we cannot deal with other fields’ knowledge because directly experiencing one field’s all work itself is a heavy load.Hence, I think knowledge from books is more significant. We usually do not make mistakes while reading books so that we can have time efficiency and also we can learn a varied and extensive range of knowledge.

I agree that firsthand experience has a big impact on brain and body, but sometimes it makes us know only one field because we cannot have much experience including other fields by the time appointed. If we want to be prospective people in our times, it would be better that we try to acquire knowledge from books.


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