Explication of My Last Dutchess

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Last updated: February 5, 2019

Explication Of: My Last Duchess, By Robert Browning The situation- This poem tells a story of a man that is paranoid about his wife and how much he admires her. This is a narrative poem.

The poem’s expresses a mood of desperation and the character is worried. The speaker is the Duke of Ferrara and the poet is speaker through the Duke and telling us a story. The tone of the poem is anger and love. He admires her sculptures but also is angery at her because he suspects her of cheating.The structure- The form is iambic pentameter couplets and a dramatic lyric. The poet used this style to match the Duke form of speaking.

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The poem forms into a free association by being in the head of the Duke. This poem has 18 sentences and they are complicated. There are mainly commas and question marks at the end of the sentences. The title tells it The My tells us it is going to be in first person, last implies that she was one of many duchess and may not be the last one, and the duchess is self explanatory.

The title foreshadows the poem itself.The language- The word choice is very formal being that the speaker is a Duke. There are no allusions.

There is much imagery especially in his mind as her talks about her. These images add to the poem because you can see exactly what is going on in his head. The musical devices- The rhyme scheme follows a regular pattern so the poem flows smoothly. Reflection- The poem has sparked up an interest to see how love can turn into crazy jealousy so quickly. All the elements added and enhanced the poem to give it its great affect.


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