Extended Response Comparing Two Texts

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The two texts “Unlovable” and “Harry Potter” both show the need to belong. In Harry Potter the composer shows isolation and disconnectedness through contrasting the different group’s beliefs and challenges, this effects how well the groups connect and belong. Unlovable conveys not belonging through the characters mistreatment and place of authority. In the two texts the composer uses techniques to emphasise the theme of belonging.

The two texts both use Descriptive language, this sets the scene, the mood and emphasises the statements. In “unlovable” it strongly contrasts the feeling of belonging and not belonging “The smell of something sugary and grassy lingered by the pebble bed and that stole my heart to leave this area” the beautiful scent represents belonging while the pebble bed is representing not belonging, by contrasting these two entities it emphasises the need to belong. In Harry Potter the composer uses descriptive language as well.In this case the composer shows the hostility between groups and how they don’t belong to each other “Raindrops the size of bullets thundered on the castle windows” this sets the mood of the situation and is similarly used to emphasise the idea of belonging as does Unlovable. The differences between these two texts are mainly the connotations that are implemented throughout them. Unlovable shows a very strong sense of isolation and does not display any sense of belonging to a group. On the other hand Harry Potter is just showing the differences between individual groups of belonging.

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Unlovable uses rhetorical questions and imagery to show how different the character is, “Born with glowing pink hair and extremely white skin” “Am I mutated or something? ” the use of negative words “mutated” and strong imagery “glowing pink hair” show that the character does not belong to any group. In Harry Potter the composer uses a simile “His eyes were like staring into a snakes gaze” to portray an individual of the opposing group, this is different to unlovable because it shows that the character is connected to a group and just in hostility towards another. Unlovable is shown to be more negative in comparison to Harry Potter.


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