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Last updated: February 26, 2019

EZ Ticket$ has created an exciting new service which offers drivers a cheap alternative to paying those expensive and annoying parking tickets.  Featured on the world wide web and praised by word of mouth EZ Ticket$ is the premier source for parking ticket and permit help.Their success rate is unmatched and undeniable- You will not be disappointedCities, today, are issuing parking tickets at an alarming rate.  Forcing drivers to choose between the high cost of parking permits and inflated parking fines – this is a no win situation for car owner.

Call now (1-877-EZ-TKETS) and speak to our friendly staff  who will help you step by step  to  dismiss or reduce your parking tickets. A customer service representative will take all the necessary information from you and being the process of writing and mailing a personalized dismissal request letter.You can beat the system and EZ ticket$ can help.Let EZ Ticket$ do the dirty work for you.  Call NOW and receive:lA CUSTOMIZED DISMISSAL REQUEST LETTERmailed to your CITY by EZ Ticket$(at the fraction of the cost of your parking ticket)Let us do all the work!  We write it, print it, and mail it.

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All you need to do is call~Tips, techniques, and insider information to help relieve your parking ticket debt and prevent future parking tickets.Do not be a victim any longer, call EZ Ticket$ Today! 


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