Facility Layouts of Mcdonalds- India, Pizza Hut-India & Dominos Pizza- India

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In order to maximizing the effectiveness of production processes and meeting employee needs & desires Facility layout and design plays a key role in business’s overall operations. It entails in determining the placement off departments, work group within the departments, workstations, machines ; stock holding points within a production facility.

DEFINITION: “The physical arrangement of everything needed for the product or service, including machines, personnel, raw materials, and finished goods.The criteria for a good layout necessarily relate to people (personnel and customers), materials (raw, finished, and in process), machines, and their interactions. “- Howard J.

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Weiss and Mark E. Gershon FACTORS IN DETERMINING LAYOUT ; DESIGN: There are many operational factors which need to consider while construction or renovation of a facility for maximum layout effectiveness. It includes: * Ease of future expansion or change: Facilities should be designed so that they can be easily expanded or adjusted to meet changing production needs.

Flow of movement: The facility design should reflect recognition of the importance of smooth process flow. The flow need not be a straight line. Parallel flows, U-shaped patterns, or even a zig-zag that ends up with the finished product back at the shipping and receiving bays can be functional. However, backtracking is to be avoided in whatever pattern is chosen. * Materials handling: It is essential to ensure the facility layout makes possible to handle materials (products, equipment, containers, etc. ).It should be in an orderly, efficient—and preferably simple—manner. * Output needs: The facility should be laid out in a way that is conducive to helping the business meet its production needs.

* Space utilization: This aspect of facility design includes everything from making sure that traffic lanes are wide enough to making certain that inventory storage warehouses or rooms utilize as much vertical space as possible. * Shipping and receiving: Some business organization leaves ample room for this aspect of operations. * Ease of communication and support:Facilities should be laid out so that communication within various areas of the business and interactions with vendors and customers can be done in an easy and effective manner. Similarly, support areas should be stationed in areas that help them to serve operating areas. * Impact on employee morale and job satisfaction: Since countless studies have indicated that employee morale has a major impact on productivity, ; therefore managers should pay attention to this factor. There are some ways layout design can increase morale are obvious, such as providing for light-colored walls, windows, space.Other ways are less obvious and not directly related to the production process like a cafeteria or even a gymnasium in the facility design.

* Promotional value: Customers, vendors, investors, etc. , visits the offices often. It is necessary to make sure that the facility layout is an attractive one that further burnishes the company’s reputation. Design factors that can influence the degree of attractiveness of a facility include not only the design of the production area itself, but the impact that it has on, for instance, ease of fulfilling maintenance/cleaning tasks.

* Safety:The facility layout should enable the business to effectively operate in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Association guidelines and other legal restrictions. FACILITY LAYOUT AT MCDONALDS ABOUT MCDONALDS: McDonald’s Corporation is one of the world’s largest chains of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving nearly 58 million customers daily. It is worldwide renowned for the high degree of respect for the local customs and culture.

It started as a drive-in-restaurant in the late 1940’s. In June 1967, McDonald’s opened its first restaurant outside U. S in Canada McDonald’s entered in India with joint venture project in 1996.

McDonald’s has 160 restaurants across the country. For its supreme benchmarks established in the QSR sector McDonald’s India has been presented with many prestigious awards. FACILITY LAYOUT DESIGN: KITCHEN AREA VEG AREA NON-VEG AREA ENTRANCE FOR EMPLOYEES WASH-ROOM SERVICE COUNTER 4 SERVICE COUNTER 3 SERVICE COUNTER 2 SERVICE COUNTER 1 SERVICE COUNTER 5 REST – ROOM FOR EMPLOYEES BIRTH-DAY PARTY ZONE QUE SERVICE DINING AREA LCD TV QUICK PACKAGING COUNTER Customer entrance & exists door Statute of Ronald OBSERVATION: The USP of McDonald’s is Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value for money.

It mainly concentrates on providing customers high quality products, served quickly with a smile, in a clean and pleasant environment at an affordable price. The McDonald’s philosophy of QSC;V is the guiding force behind its service to the customers. Following are the key features of the layout which I observed. About Queuing system: McDonalds is a pioneered in establishing Queuing System in Indian Restaurant Industry. However; the one of the major advantage of the queuing system is; it saves time ; server can serve maximum number of customers quickly in minimum time.Customer has to wait approximately 30 seconds after placing the order. ; it is lowest time of waiting period. However it fulfills the priority rule of queuing system i.

e. first come first serve base. About Kitchen Zone: As McDonalds is cultural sensible; it has given exceptionally importance to the kitchen zone. It has developed a menu especially for India with vegetarian selections to suit Indian tastes and preferences. Keeping in line with this, McDonald’s does not offer any beef or pork items in India.

In the last decade it has introduced some vegetarian and non-vegetarian products with local flavors that have appealed to the Indian palate. About Birth-day Party Zone: Since McDonalds attracts mainly to the kids (the age group of 5 – 17 years old); the concept of birthday party hall emerged. However; not only kids but also youngsters prefers to celebrate its birthday party in McDonalds as it costs very economical. It is important part of layout. Quick Package Zone: This zone is especially for the customers who are in hurry & don’t have sufficient time to seat & eat in the restaurant.Rather they don’t prefer because of various reasons may includes parking problems, rush in the dining area etc. Dining Zone: It is specious area where customers seat & spend their time with each other while eating.

Statute of Ronald: Statute of Ronald is attraction for the kids as well as visitors. According to me it’s a least important thing in the layout. FACILITY LAYOUT OF DOMINOS PIZZA ABOUT DOMINOS PIZZA: Domino’s Pizza, Inc. is an international pizza delivery corporation headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

It is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States.Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, a Jubilant Bhartia Group Company holds the Master Franchisee Rights for Domino’s Pizza for India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Domino’s Pizza opened its first store in India in January 1996, at New Delhi. Today Domino’s Pizza India has grown into a countrywide network of more than 300 stores with a team of over 9,000 people. Like most corporate success stories, Domino’s started out small – with just one store in 1960. Now, Domino’s Pizza is celebrating over forty years of delivering food, fun and innovation.Some interesting facts about the company: * 70 percent of its revenue comes from home delivery service & around 30 percent is over-the-counter sales. * Indian operations are ranked number one for the past 3 years.

* Delivers an average of 1 million pizzas per day * Over the last 2 years, they opened stores in 15 new cities * Establish a reputation for being a home delivery specialist capable of delivering pizzas within 30 minutes or else FREE to a community of loyal consumers from all our stores around the country EMPLOYEES ENTRANCE FACILITY LAYOUT DESIGN: KITCHEN AREA EMPLOYEE REST-ROOMWASH – ROOOM S CASH & SERVICE COUNTER LCD TV W STORE – ROOM DINING AREA CUSTOMER ENTRANCE OBSERVATION: My observation about facility layout of Dominos Pizza is; * It is constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of consumers and hence give pleasure to them. * Domino’s Pizza has a guarantee that customers would receive their pizzas within 30 minutes of ordering, or else they would receive the pizzas free. * The main feature of Dominos Pizza is to make Home-Delivery of pizza within 30 seconds ; therefore; there is no enough space to seat ; have a spare time while eating a pizza. Company follows multichannel, single phase line structure which involves the uneven service time given each customer which results in unequal speed or flow among the lines.

; therefore; customer prefer order a pizza through telephone rather than visit the store ; have it with their friends, colleagues or family. * Overall store layout seems to be congested including kitchen area ; they therefore they don’t have a spate section for vegetarian ; non-vegetarian like McDonalds. Working at Dominos Kitchen Area: Facility Layout at Pizza Hut About Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is the leading casual dining restaurant in India.Pizza Hut made its venture into India with a restaurant in Bangalore in June 1996.

It was the first international restaurant chain to enter this category ; is pioneered of establishing the pizza market in India. Its great tasting pizzas and trademark dining experience have made it possible for the company to register a double-digit growth and scale up its presence to its current size. With a 27 per cent market share of the eating-out market and over 70,000 footfalls per day across the country, Pizza Hut is geared to provide diners with the ideal place to build memories and relationships over delicious food.Apart from the pizza it also serves with wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, soups, salads, pastas, beverages and desserts.

International products have been tested on levels of salt and spices to ensure they suit the Indian palate. In order to enhance menu pizza Hut keep evolving tastes and preferences of the Indian consumers. Another point to note is that world over; the toppings at Pizza Hut are mainly beef and pepperoni; but in India Pizza Hut are serving more variety in the toppings on the vegetarian side because 60% Indian population is vegetarian.Pizza Hut is one of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands, Inc.

, which also has KFC, Taco Bell, A;W and Long John Silver’s under its umbrella. Pizza Hut is the world’s largest casual dining restaurant chain with over 13,000 restaurants across 97 countries and 143 stores across 34 cities in India. EMPLOYEE ENTRANCE FACILITY LAYOUT DESIGN: PARKING AREA WAITING AREA CUSTOMER ENTRANCE DINING AREA KITCHEN AREA WASH – ROOOM EMPLOYEE REST-ROOM CASH ; SERVICE COUNTEER LCD TV LCD TV BELL AREA OBSERVATION: My observation in Pizza Hut layout is as follows: Pizza Hut is split into several different restaurant formats like * The original family-style dine-in locations which is known as “Red Roofs” * Store front delivery and carry-out locations which is known as “Delcos” * Hybrid locations that offer carry-out, delivery, * Dine-in options which is known as “RBDs” or Restaurant Based Delivery units * Many full-size Pizza Hut locations offer lunch buffet, with “all-you-can-eat” pizza, salad, breadsticks, and a special pasta * The Dining area of the restaurant is specious ; therefore friends ; mainly family prefer to go Pizza hut. The restaurant doesn’t have queuing system. It follows multichannel, single phase line system. However; to avoid crowd at counter as well as in restaurant; one personnel of Pizza Hut stands outside ; direct the customers.

It helps to serve customers better without hastily. * Layout of kitchen model is similar to Dominos Pizza’s Layout * Consumers don’t get angry though it takes lot of time to serve consumers. Because ambience maintained in the restaurant very well. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE THREE LAYOUTS ; THE EFFICIENT LAYOUT AMONG THESE THREEAccording to me; though the pattern of facility layout is same; design is differs from each other. All these three layouts have different strategies to serve the customers at its best.

Differences between layouts of McDonalds India, Pizza – Hut India ; Dominos Pizza, India are: * McDonalds follows queuing system because of which it serves more customers with less time * Dominos Pizza, India is best in Home Delivery of pizza within 30 minutes but it is not good when it comes to serves customers in the layout because of lack of space * Pizza Hut, India is follows multichannel single phase system.Though it takes lots of time to serve the customers; normally they doesn’t get annoyed because they generally visit the restaurant to spend their time with their friends, family etc. Talking about efficiency; according to me Dominos Pizza as well as McDonalds is the best at their place. Because; when customer arrives at any fast food restaurant; he expects to get his order at the earliest time as his main aim is to have the food ; exist. So, in case of McDonalds; they serve their customers at very less time i. e.

within 30 seconds.They are more efficient in terms of satisfying their customers’ needs in lesser time. ; by this way they serve nearly 58 million customers regularly. also in case of Dominos Pizza, India; company serves much better in case of Home Delivery. Because they serves their customers within 30 minutes from the time of order placed. But in case of Pizza Hut; it is less efficient in terms of serving the customers though they have impressive facility design.

But it doesn’t fulfill the main purpose of facility layout is to increase productivity process. ; therefore; customer mostly not prefer Pizza Hut in case of hurry.


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