Factors Influencing Nurses’ Participation in Clinical Research

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Last updated: March 24, 2019

This study tried to determine the support and participation that nursing staffs give to interventional research as well as identifying the characteristics of nurses and the work settings that facilitate and hinder their participation in research. The purpose of the study is to measure how nurses’ perception of research can affect the outcome or the conduct of the research in a hospital setting.Theoretical FrameworkThe quality of nursing care is improved through medical research either on processes and procedures or actual nursing care services. Thus it is very important to be able to determine how research outcomes are affected by nurses’ perceptions, attitudes and support to such research endeavors.Research MethodsThe study adopted a descriptive correlational design; the participants of the study were staff nurses in a gastroenterology nursing care,  36 nurses were surveyed using a researcher developed questionnaire that measured three factors; importance of research, interest in research and environment support for research.

The questionnaire also measured the participant’s perception of the value of cognitive behavioral intervention and participation in research studies. Data analysis used factor analysis to explore the factors and values.Major Findings and ConclusionsThe findings of the study revealed that there was not significant difference between the mean scores of the nurses who participated and did not participated in a research study across the five factors generated from the factor analysis of the questionnaire.

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It was also found that participation in research was negatively correlated with nursing experience, and was positively associated with importance of research. Moreover, the factor of research importance was positively correlated with the value of cognitive behavioral intervention.Implication for Nursing ProfessionThe results of the study can be used by nurse administrators and healthcare agencies to plan for the design of nursing intervention programs and research on nursing practice. The study could also be used to determine the factors and characteristics that hinder participation in research.ReferenceJacobson, A.

, Warner, A., Fleming, E. ; Schmidt, B.

(2008). Factors influencing nurses’ participation in clinical research. Gastroenterology Nursing, 31; 3, 198 – 208.;


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