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Gifford Nielson Brigham Young University-Idaho Family Assessment Identifying Data This family comes from a religious family that has had the same religion for four generations now and the family holds strong to the beliefs of the importance of family and religion. The father in the family comes from a small household of parents and three children and the wife comes from a home where foster care had taken place for fourteen children throughout her childhood. Now this family has two children and the husband and wife.Family history shows no sign of significant health problems with the exception of the grandmother in the husband side of being obese.

The family is stated as coming from a Caucasian background and the dominate language in the home is English with occasional efforts to teach children sign language from educational videos. The family chooses to associate with other members of religion and live in a lower to middle class neighborhood. The family does not get involved in much recreational activities although family owns a boat that they occasionally go to the lake as a family.Family is clean in appearance and home is warm in decorations and cleanliness. With the wife being a Social worker the family is partially involved in activities that involve alternate ethnic groups. Family does not involve and in fact avoids healthcare when possible and uses valerian root for themselves and children in belief that is aids in anxiety. The family is moderately involved with church activity and states that they attend church each Sunday but not much more activity beyond that.

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The husband is a sales person and the wife is a social worker that puts the children in daycare and preschool. Even with dual income family states that they desire to make more money and are not happy with their place financially. Developmental Stage and History of Family Family is at stage 3 of the Duvall’s Eight-Stage Family Life Cycle. The oldest child in the family is 5 years old and an infant who is 7 months old. The older child is a boy and the infant a girl. The family meets the standard of having space for the entire family although the desire for more space is stated.The children are very social due to the placement of being in daycare and alternate care facilities but when the family is home after work there is not much socializing done. The family has shown great integration of the new infant into the family but signs of neglect are noticed to the older child.

It is stated that the family relationship is strong within the family but there is visible strain on the relationship of the parents to the 5 year old boy. Signs are determined by severity of discipline and possible neglect.Health wise in the home the family appears to well protected by receiving vaccinations and preventative maintenance where it is needed, otherwise the family does not frequently visit doctors and prefers to not. Home is child friendly with the inability for children to be in reach of danger.

The family is open discussing family planning with the desire to have o more children and possible surgery is discussed for a permanent change to avoid the possibilities of future children. Even with possible signs of neglect the children have a healthy relationship. Environmental DataFamily lives in a three bedroom home that they pay a mortgage on and are in the process of owning this home. The home is clean and free from immediate danger for the children. Home is warm and comfortable to be in. The lighting is adequate for visibility in the home and home is well furnished with appropriate amount of seating for family and possible visitors. House is single story so now stairwells and outside of the house is well groomed with large back yard for room for the children to play.

Family spends little time outside beyond typical yard work.Water supply in home is clean and separation of dirty substances is good and there is room for food storage. The parents are sleeping together in master bedroom and each child has their own rooms which are supplied with toys for the children. There are two bathrooms, one in the master room and one in the hall for guests and children’s rooms.

House is kept nice and is only six years old with no flaking paint and clean carpets. Home is adequate for family needs. The neighborhood that the family lives in is a small suburb that has great access to the big city and the resources that are there.

The housing development that the home is in has a wide range of housing in with the majority of the homes being about a three bedroom home single story with a few bigger homes that are two story and more space. The yards are well kept and the roads and area surrounding are taken care of well by the home owners association and the city. Grocery store is three miles from home with convenient stores within blocks of the home.

Recreational areas are provided in the housing community with a pool and playground for the children but public areas for recreation are all within ten miles including hospitals and libraries for the community.A new form of public transportation has just been developed that is within walking distance from home and has been safe in the first six months of being in use. Crime rates in the area are low but not the lowest of the surrounding areas. Community is still labeled to be a safe community for families with a lot of new families in the immediate neighborhood. In neighboring housing communities there are room for additional housing and also upgrade to bigger houses. Families stay in area for 10 or more years with the easy access to the bigger city with a small commute.

The family views the community as a great place to raise their family and feel that the social network in the area is adequate for their family. They have parents and a sister that live within twenty minutes from them and try to see them at least once a week. Family Structure and Function After observing family it is noticed that the family has good communication and the effort for increased communication is evident. The family interacts well when eating the family tries to eat together as a family and to share conversations about work and other activities that are going on in the family.The parents are particularly good with each other but have tendency to leave the children out of discussion and even dismiss the children to their own activities as to not to be bothered by their presence.

If parents are in a discussion and interrupted by son then there is discipline enforced and lowered levels of patients used. Parents are quick to anger with child at times if non-compliance is noticed from child. The mother is better in interacting with children and getting on the floor with them and reading and doing games with.The father is involved with his work and other interests that he is not to be disturbed. When husband and wife get into an argument, though stated that it is rare that they do argue the husband is confrontational and the wife has a tendency to close off communication and wait until tension has lightened before reacting and continuing with resolving the issue. Overall communication is effective and when important decisions are to be made the husband and wife are good at talking through the decision and choosing what they feel is best for their family.As a family they exhibit values of strong family unit but seem to get caught up in temporal possessions and the need to have more even at the expense of their extended family. Examples of this behavior is sacrificing time with family in the interest that they can do what the parents want to do, even if extended family come to visit the family.

Family is good about providing learning experiences for both children and reward greatly for progress in learning. The background of family in that both parents have a college degree education is strongly enforced in the household.Discipline that is enforced is stated to be similar to the way that the parents were raised by their parents and the structure is similar to how their childhood homes were structured. Parents strive to take time to spend with just one another by having babysitters come in from time to time. The family eats out frequently, three to four times a week and prepares meals at the house the other meals. Exercise is not regular though it is talked about and is an ambition of the family.

Doctor visits are infrequent and dental care is used as preventative.Family has health benefits along with other benefits but state that the benefits are inadequate to their liking. Even with this attitude of health care the family is good to visit doctors when it is needed, otherwise the family tries to maintain health through vitamins and what they perceive as healthy eating habits. Family has no significant health history problems and sees no threats of health issues. Family Coping Family states that their stressors are financial instability and dealing with extended family.In observing family it is noticed that the family spends money freely and outside of a budget. Family is aware of finances but is not mindful of their situation and knowledge of when it is time to say no to desires for new things, electronics and unnecessary household goods. Family drives expensive vehicles and states that they have expensive taste in style and desires.

Family copes with situation but needs help. The family reacts to stress with bits of anger and after anger wears off discussion begins in hopes to be able to formulate a plan to better their situation.The other stressor of dealing with extended family stems from them fighting with family and not spending time or having the desire to spend time with family.

Family shows desire at times to see extended family but as stated by them every time they are visiting with family some sort of argument arises. As stated by husband he does not get along with his mother and his father is offended by him. The family does not cope with this well at all. They still try to see there family weekly but does not have success. The family gets angry with their extended family and does not always speak highly of them.The family needs help in coping with this. Summary My summary of family is that they are a strong family unit that needs help in a couple areas that they are not aware that they need help in along with areas that they are aware of.

The family spends a lot of time as an immediate unit and has a general strong unit that they encourage learning and growth although there are aspects of the family relationship that needs attention. Also they have obvious stressors as stated above with needing to get a hold of their finances and control them better and also be able to cope with extended family and except them and their needs as well.The family has a willing attitude for change and growth and care plan will be implemented also. Care Plan With regards to the family stressors the family will be able to begin to build a budget to live with their finances. The family will be able to formulate a plan along with this budget and be able to abide the budget and the plan. The family will be provided with literature and help that will guide them in making this budget. Along with the financial stress the family will develop a better health plan in the home as far as eating healthier and exercising more.The families poor health tendencies coupled with the cognitive difficulties of the financial stress will cause a larger strain in the family health.

With the education provided the family will exhibit better healthy living by exercising more and eating in the home more and healthier. Documents For help in creating a budget two websites are useful in teaching and helping form a budget.The web addresses are: http://lds. org/ldsorg/v/index. jsp? hideNav=1&locale=0& sourceId=ccdf7befabc20110VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=d6371b08f338c010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD, and http://financialplan.

about. om/cs/budgeting/l/ blbudget. htm. There is a lot of literature that is on the internet that can help formulate a diet plan and am exercise plan. I chose this website because it was well referenced and provided many links to other resources for developing a well rounded plan. The web address is: http://www. healthcentral.

com/diet-exercise/, along with http://www. mypyrami d. gov/pyramid/index.

html. Diagnosis Ineffective financial planning as manifested by over spending income and increase stress with financial discussion. Poor health as manifested by general overweight and poor diet management.


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