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Last updated: February 27, 2019

One of the ways that you add value and make important contributions is:Obedience to instructionFor example, I think of the time you have proven to be obedient to instruction.

Indeed, parents have peace of mind when they have obedient children; you have distinguished yourself in this regard as obedient. You adhere strictly instructions even when they may not be convenient for you.  Indeed, I am glad to have you as a son. My prayer for you is that the good Lord would repay you with this gesture and grant you obedient kids who would neither argue with nor be out rightly rebellious at home.

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You are really a blessing to this home. Just keep it up.One of the ways that you add value and make important contributions is:Commitment to excellence in your academicsFor example, I think of the time that you came home with your report sheet; that day happened to be one of my happiest days in life. You showed me that your dedication to your studies and intensive reading all through that poor and unpopular high school has its reward. Such rewards are not just restricted to the recipients only but also to the parents who contributed to the training of the child. I sat in the hall few days after seeing your sheet which indicated you as the best graduating students in the school. You walked majestically to receive the prize and I felt proud to be your father.One of the ways that you add value and make important contributions is:Exemplary living at homeFor example, I think of you as a light in this house.

You have virtually contributed to the change in lifestyle of everybody in the family by your exemplary Christian living. Your siblings see you as a good example and a friend to emulate with the Christina principles you exude with every hint of interaction you have with them including me as a your father. One of the quality I find particularly striking is your humility. Continue to be an example in faith, purity, conversation, love, and other virtues the Scripture teaches. With these things, I am very much convinced that the sky is just your starting point.


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