My Favorite Place to Visite

Ashae Lewis October 1, 2012 J.

Stern English 090 My favorite place to visit in the summer is Panama City, Florida because the beaches are relaxing, the weather is amazing, and there a lot to do. Firstly, Panama has the most relaxing beaches; the water is greenish blue colors that can help people clear there their mind of any stress. For example, when I am in Panama I have less worries then when I’m in New Orleans, I don’t have to worry about any crimes, school, or work the beaches help clear my mind from everything.It like a whole new atmosphere feels more peaceful. Another reason why Panama is my favorite place to visit in the summer is because the weather is amazing. Is always sunny and it’s never too hot or cold. It never seems to rain but there is a refreshing breeze from the beach which make you feel in a good mood.

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Also, unlike New Orleans, the weather never flip flops it always stays the same. Finally, there’s always something to do in Panama, it never gets boring to me.For instance, my favorite place to visit is the amusement park, there are tons of rides and it’s not too expensive. Also, I love to go banana boat riding on the beach; it is so fun, except for when that salty water gets in your mouth and eyes. There are so many places to choose from along the beach and everything is in walking distances.

In conclusion, Panama is my favorite place to visit in the summer is because of all these reason.


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